When selecting the Peakon survey frequency for your organisation there are several considerations to take into account. The most immediate difference between the frequencies is not only the time between surveys but the amount of questions in each:

  • Weekly mode will typically ask employees five questions per survey. 
  • Bi-weekly mode includes 11.
  • Monthly includes 22.
  • Quarterly mode will ask all 45 of Peakon's standard questions, or alternatively a set number of questions you choose.

This difference, however, can deliver some large benefits. At Peakon our goal is to provide you with up-to-the-minute insights that guide managers to improve the effectiveness of their teams. Naturally then, more frequent rounds of feedback will give you a more accurate illustration of what’s working well, and more time to act on any potential issues.

With a higher frequency, you’ll be able to discover trends with far greater speed – essential for understanding whether you’re making progress or not. On a quarterly frequency it will take nearly a year to create trend lines (although this is still a big improvement on the years it will take with old annual surveys).

On weekly, biweekly, or monthly frequencies (and quarterly if you've set a maximum number of questions), Peakon’s question rotation algorithm ensures the questions employees receive in their surveys will differ from one another. Meaning you’ll gain insights on the full range of topics Peakon covers from the very start, and trends will become visible in just a matter of weeks.

For employees, asking fewer questions in each survey also makes the experience faster and less disruptive. On weekly mode, employees typically spend less than five minutes answering all their questions. It’s also less of a loss if an employee misses a survey. On quarterly frequency you’ll need to wait another three months to hear from that employee, whereas on weekly they will have only missed five questions and Peakon will add “catch up” questions to next week’s survey.

How to adjust your survey frequency in Peakon

As an administrator of your organisation's Peakon account, setting your survey frequency is easy. First, click Administration, then Schedules in the left-side navigation bar. Then view the target schedule you wish to the set the frequency for:

Choose the Frequency tab and you'll reach this menu:

Now you can choose your survey frequency (and review the number of questions in each survey) before saving your changes. You also have the option to set the frequency for driver and sub-driver questions, as well as the engagement question. If you have Values questions enabled, you will also be able to select the Values question frequency. As you adjust the frequency mix, you will get an indication on how many questions will be asked in the survey rounds.

Making changes to your existing survey frequency

It is possible to change the survey frequency you are currently using, even if you have already completed several survey rounds on the previous frequency. To do this, simply follow the steps outlined above and ensure that the next survey date is correct. While changing the overall survey frequency during a live round will not affect the current round, any changes to the question frequency will be effective immediately. Therefore, if you are looking to make changes to the question frequency, only do this when there is no live round. 

If you’ve got any questions about making the right choice for your organisation, don’t hesitate to contact your customer success manager directly or write to us via support@peakon.com.

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