This article covers the following emails from Peakon:

  • Automated survey reminder
  • Employee reactivation emails
  • Low participation emails
  • Upcoming survey reminder emails

Automated Survey reminders

To maximise participation, Peakon will automatically send reminder emails at intervals in each survey round. Your account administrators can also choose to manually trigger a reminder email. The automated reminder emails follow this cadence:

  • The first reminder email will be scheduled for half way (in days) through the survey round.
  • Peakon will then send reminder emails to employees who’ve not completed the survey every four days until the survey round ends.
  • Reminder email will never be sent on the weekend (unless triggered manually). Peakon will move them to the following Monday.

If a reminder is triggered manually, it will not affect the schedule of the automated reminders – it will simply be sent as an extra email.

The reminders are usually sent out at 9 AM UTC, if the system does not know the timezone of the employee.  Additionally once someone has interacted with Peakon, then the system will remember your timezone and record it for the future. To manually update the timezone for your employees, see Setting the Timezone and Language Fields on Employee Records Using the File Upload Method.

Employee reactivation emails

The reactivation emails differ in content from the regular survey round and reminder emails.They are automated and designed to engage to take the survey with the overall goal of improving participation rates.

Reactivation emails fit into existing reminders and survey round invitations, meaning that employees will not receive additional emails from Peakon. When an employee has skipped three or more survey rounds, Peakon will use the reactivation emails on these employees instead of the regular survey round emails and reminders.

The cadence for reactivation emails is as follows and Peakon will attempt to reactivate an employee three times after having skipped three surveys in a row:

  1. 3rd no response survey reminder
  2. 4th no response survey round email
  3. 5th no response survey reminder 

After three re-activation attempts Peakon will revert to sending employees the regular survey round email and reminders. The reactivation emails will be used again if the employee skips survey three consecutive survey rounds. 

The contents for the reactivation emails will be a variance of the 4th no response survey round email pictured below.

Manager low participation emails

Peakon will also alert you to low participation rates at the same intervals as the platform sends reminders to employees. Your survey frequency will influence what Peakon deems to be low participation:

  • < 40% participation, for weekly frequency
  • < 50% participation, for bi-weekly frequency
  • < 60% participation, for monthly frequency
  • < 70% participation, for quarterly or lower frequency

The logic behind these differing percentages is (put most simply): Missing the answers to three questions from an employee on a weekly survey frequency, is a relatively small loss. Whereas if an employee misses a quarterly survey, gathering no feedback from them for half a year, is a relatively big loss. (In actuality, if an employee on a weekly survey frequency were to miss a week, Peakon’s catch up functionality would enable them to answer those questions as an additional part of next week’s survey – meaning no lost data at all.) 

Who receives these low participation emails is determined by the user group they are part of (e.g. administrator, managers, etc.), and if the group has the ‘Receive low participation emails’ option enabled. 

Note that managers who have been added to segments will also be eligible to receive low participation emails based on the participation rates of those particular segments.

This could result in a manager's all reports dashboard showing as 100% participation while the manager could potentially still receive a low participation rate email for any other segment that he or she has been added to.

You’ll find this option by clicking the employees icon in the left sidebar of your Peakon dashboard, followed by Access Control, and then reviewing the settings of each group.

Upcoming survey reminder emails

Administrators receive upcoming survey reminder emails 4 days prior to a survey round going live. These emails are serve as a reminder that round will go live and provide an opportunity to review and update employee records, remind employees and managers of the upcoming survey round, or to make edits to the survey schedule. 

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