Automated manager facing communication from Peakon includes:

  • Dashboard invitation email
  • Upcoming survey reminder email
  • Low participation email
  • Digest email
  • Conversation reply email

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Dashboard invitation email 

When granting access to managers to login to their Peakon dashboard, they will receive an invitation email from Peakon with a link to their dashboard. 

How to notify a manager

  • Option 1: through the Access Control page, by finding the manager and clicking the Notify button next to their name
  • Option 2: through the manager's employee record by clicking on the Access Control tab and then clicking the Notify button

Preview dashboard invitation email

Both aforementioned options also provide the ability to preview the email before sending, by clicking on the dropdown arrow next to the Notify button.

Upcoming survey reminder email

Administrators and managers (when enabled) receive upcoming survey reminder emails for enabled schedules 4 days prior to a survey round going live. These are triggered at 3 AM UTC, by design. These emails serve as a reminder that a round will go live and provide an opportunity to review and update employee records, remind employees and managers of the upcoming survey round, or to make edits to the survey schedule. 

The email lists any segments the user manages, that will be affected by the new schedule. In the example below, Royce, who manages the Design team, is informed that his team will take part in a survey on the 12th October.

Low participation email

What is the low participation email?

Low participation emails get sent to managers at the same time as the automated survey reminders get sent out. These emails are a reminder to managers that they have missing answers from their team and to remind their team to complete the survey.  

How is low participation determined?

Your survey frequency will influence what Peakon deems to be low participation:

  • < 40% participation, for weekly frequency
  • < 50% participation, for bi-weekly frequency
  • < 60% participation, for monthly frequency
  • < 70% participation, for quarterly or lower frequency

Missing the answers to a few questions from an employee on a weekly survey frequency is a relatively small loss. Whereas if an employee misses a quarterly survey, gathering no feedback from them is a bigger loss, which is behind the logic of the differing percentages. 


  • The email will cover all segments that the manager looks after, so even if one managed segment has 100% participation, the manager could potentially still receive a low participation rate email for any other segment that they have been added to
  • Only those managers who are part of an Access Control user group with 'Receive low participation emails’ option enabled will receive this email
  • Users will be able to access and login to the dashboard from the low participation email

Preview low participation email

It is also possible to preview low participation emails:

  1. Click on Administration, then Schedules > select the View option
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow beside the Send reminder icon
  3. Click on the Preview low participation email icon

Digest email

What is the digest email?

Peakon automatically sends digest emails to users with dashboard access who have enough data on their dashboard. 

The digest email contains different components based on which features a manager is granted access to (comments, strengths and priorities, values etc.) so depending on your access permissions, the content of the email will likely differ to the example shown in this article. 

When does the digest email get sent?

The email send-out can be managed differently on each schedule within the Email tab. There are two options for the digest email frequency:

  • Automatic - the digest email is sent daily during an open round, only to managers with new content to show on their dashboard. These contain a snippet of new comments that should be looked into
  • End of the round - once the round has closed and the strengths and priorities have been calculated, the email will be sent out the day after the survey closes, containing the engagement score, highlighted drivers of engagement 

It's important to note that while Peakon does not send out reminder emails over weekends, in instances where the survey round closes on a weekend, for example on Saturday night at 23:59, the digest email will go out on Sunday (at 06:00 UTC) if set to go out at the end of the round. 


  • If a manager cannot view employee comments on their dashboard, then this section will not be included in their digest emails.
  • If a manager does not have access to comments in real-time or at all, they will not receive daily emails. These emails are only sent when new content is available. When a survey round is open, new comments are gathered each day and those with access to comments will get daily emails that highlight a selection of these comments. 
  • If an employee submits a comment but then resets their survey, this comment will be removed from the system. However, if digest emails are set to 'daily', there is a chance that the comment would have already reached a manager through the digest email. Setting the digest email to 'end of round' will prevent this. 
  • The overall engagement score, priorities and comments only change once a round is complete – in order to not cause confusing fluctuations while feedback is still being collected. Therefore, for managers without comment access, they will only receive digest emails when a round closes.
  • Participation rate information will also be included in the digest email once the survey round has closed and strengths and priorities have been calculated. 
  • When enabled, suggested micro courses will also be included in the end of round digest email inline with the identified strengths and priorities. 


It is not possible to preview these emails from within Peakon, however they will all be a variation of the below, depending on what features the manager has access to.

Below is an example of an 'end of round' email summarising the scores from the round. When the 'daily' option is used, the digest email focuses on new comments that should be looked at.

Conversation reply email

When a manager engages in a conversation on a comment that an employee has left, the manager will be notified when the employee, or someone else, replies to that conversation. The same will take place if the manager is @mentioned in a note on a comment, or if a conversation takes places on a comment where the manager is mentioned in, or has replied to.

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