Peakon automatically sends digest emails to people with dashboard access – e.g. the administrators of your Peakon account and your organisation’s managers. 

The content each individual's emails will contain is determined by what they can view on their dashboard. The context/segments will be shown at the top of the digest email.

The digest email contains different components based on which features a manager is granted access to (comments, strengths and priorities, values etc.) so depending on your access permissions, the content of the email will likely differ to the example shown below. 

  • It’s important to note that if a manager cannot view employee comments on their dashboard, then this section will not be included in their digest emails.
  • If a manager does not have access to comments they will not receive daily emails. These emails are only sent when new content is available. When a survey round is open, new comments are gathered each day and those with access to comments will get daily emails that highlight a selection of these comments.
  • The overall engagement score, priorities and comments only change once a round is complete – in order to not cause confusing fluctuations while feedback is still being collected. Therefore, for managers without comment access, they will only receive digest emails when a round closes.
  • Participation rate information will also be included in the digest email once the survey round has closed and strengths and priorities have been calculated. 
  • When enabled, suggested micro courses will also be included in the end of round digest email inline with the identified strengths and priorities. 

When does the digest email get sent?

The administrator will either set the email to go out daily during an open round (and only sent to managers with new content to show on their dashboard), or at the end of the round once the round has closed and the strengths and priorities have been calculated. 

In instances where the administrator has set-up digest emails to go out at the end of the round, the digest mail will be sent out the day after the survey closes.

It's important to note that while Peakon does not send out reminder emails over weekends, in instances where the survey round closes on a weekend, for example on Saturday night at 23:59, the digest email will go out on Sunday (at 06:00 UTC) if set to go out at the end of the round. 

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