We’re sometimes asked: what will happen to feedback that’s related to a manager who’s now left the company? Why is a department that no longer exists still shown on my Peakon dashboard? And, if an employee is deleted from the system, when will their feedback no longer influence a team’s overall score?

Deleting an employee from the system

On Peakon, there is no need to delete employee records when using Peakon's Separation date and Separation reason attributes. When the employee's separation date is added to the employee record (and once the separation date is in the past), the employee is considered inactive and is no longer eligible to receive surveys or have access to a dashboard.

Management changes

Take the example of a manager leaving or being let go. To reflect this change in Peakon, the ideal process is to update the records of the employees that were reporting to this manager, and make sure they’re now attributed to their new manager (and potentially back-date this change), before deleting the old manager from the system.

Once you’ve done this, however, the old manager will still appear on your dashboard. Although that manager is no longer in the Peakon system, retaining the employee feedback that was attributed to them during their tenure will enable you to compare and contrast how employees feel since the change was made.

Organisational changes

The same can be said about larger organisational changes. For instance, splitting up a big department into two smaller departments. The old department will still show on your dashboard in order for you to compare the engagement of employees in new department structure against the old.

Former employees

If an employee is deleted from the Peakon system, the scores they’ve given will still be counted as part of a team’s average for either one, three, or six months, as set by your Peakon administrator. After this they will no longer be included.

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