Actions are great way to address priorities and ultimately increase the engagement of your teams. Additionally they are a smart way to assure executives that problem areas are being addressed. Many of these actions are quick wins that can easily be introduced for immediate effect.

When priorities are identified, Peakon automatically provides some suggested actions to take. You can also create your own actions and even share your dashboard with your team, so they can see the driver scores and any actions added to address priorities. Actions are not restricted to priorities and can also be created on drivers, sub-drivers, segments, and Values (if you have this feature enabled).

Identify your problem areas

To get started, navigate to your Dashboard and select a priority or a segment to reveal more information about it. It could be a driver or sub-driver that requires your attention under 'Key drivers of engagement' or one that you are doing great at, but want to make it even better. You can also select a specific segment from your Overview.  

Improve on your priorities

Peakon provides a bullet-point summary on the left outlining why the driver has been marked as a priority. When looking at a specific priority or segment, click on Improve tab at the top of your screen to reveal the reasons and the actions section.

At the bottom, Peakon suggested actions are presented, along with some interesting resources for further reading. The suggested actions are only displayed under drivers and sub-drivers, as they are designed to help improve the score when identified as a priority.

Adding an Action

To add a suggested action click on the green “+” icon next to each of them, these are editable before saving so you can rename them if needed.
You can also dismiss these actions and add your own if you prefer. 

When adding an action, it is possible to add notes to provide more details. Be sure to give it a deadline before clicking on the green “Create action” to save.
If you need to add more actions simply click on the  “Add action icon”. 

Sharing Actions with the team

When your dashboard is set to shared, you have the option to also share actions to the dashboard by clicking on the “Shared action” toggle switch.

Review your Actions plan

An overview of all your actions can be found in the left toolbar menu labeled “Action Plan”. 

The overview shows all actions grouped by related drivers. You can view open and archived actions, and sort by group and deadline. Actions can also be edited from within the actions overview section. 

To add a new action from within the Actions overview section, simply click on the black “+” icon. In this instance you have the option to reference a driver or sub-driver to the action from the dropdown. 

Marking actions as completed or archived

To mark an action as complete simply check the box and the action will then be moved to the "Completed" section.

To archive an action, simply click on the "Archive" icon on the action. This will place the action in the "Archived" section.

It's also possible to archive completed actions, that appear under the completed section, by clicking on the "Archive" icon.  

Notifications on action deadlines

Each Monday, Peakon sends out in-product notifications and emails to anyone that has an action with a due date in the same week. The email also contains a reminder of any upcoming actions that are due further in the future.

The reminders will be for any actions within a context a manager has access to. For example, direct reports, all reports, and any additional segments the manager has access to. The reminders cover any actions created by any manager within the context. This means that a manager may be reminded about an upcoming deadline for an action that was created by another manager who also has access to the same context.  

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