It is possible to view a manager's actions, provided they report to you either directly or indirectly. This enables you to support managers in their work to address employee feedback. You can view – and potentially add to – managers' action plans, to ensure that any issues are addressed and employees see the value in sharing their thoughts through Peakon.

Review the Manager's actions plan

Click on the "Action plan" option in the left menu. You will then be able to view:

  • My actions
  • My team actions

My actions: These are actions that you have created or have been added to your dashboard by another manager.

My team actions: These are the actions that your managers reporting upwards to you have created, or actions that any other managers have added to their dashboards. You need to have your context in the left menu set to your "All reports" when viewing your team's action's they've created. It is possible to limit your view to only those manager segments that are above data visibility threshold, by using the filter options in the My team actions tab.

Alternatively, you can also view the actions managers have created following one of the two steps below:

  1. Simply switch dashboard context by searching the Manager's name in the search box on the top-left. You will need to select the "All reports" segment option.
  2. Click the name of the manager, which appears on your dashboard (e.g. as a highlighted segment or on the heatmap). You will need to select the "All reports" segment option followed by the “View as a segment”option. 

You will then be presented with that Manager's Dashboard Overview, where you can click on Actions in the left sidebar menu and see all the actions set by the manager and their due dates.

Adding an Action to the Manager's plan

If you've reviewed the feedback from a team and you believe the manager has missed an important point, you can also add to the action plan:

From the Action Plan option in the left menu

  1. Click on the add action icon from within the action overview in the left menu under the My team actions tab. Give the action a title, deadline, and link it to a specific driver or sub-driver.

From the top of the dashboard when viewing as a segment

  1. Simply click on the "Add action" icon in the Actions section at the top of the dashboard. 
  2. Give the action a title and set a deadline before before saving


When adding an action to a manager's dashboard, the manager will receive a notification on Peakon. The manager will also be able to view the action either on the relevant dashboard or by clicking into their actions overview in the left menu.

Hierarchical segments

If using Hierarchical segments, the context of the dashboard will determine which segments appear in the "My team actions" section when clicking on the action icon in the left menu. The child segments will appear under the "My team actions". For example, I have two attributes which are linked in a hierarchy, Region and City. I'm viewing the segment for AMER, which is one of the segments for the Region attribute. The context of the dashboard is AMER (see the name in the search box in the left menu - this is my context). 

When I click on the Action Plan option in the left menu and then select My team actions all the dashboards for the related "City" attribute segments appear. In this way I can get an overview of any actions added to these "child" segments. 

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