As an administrator of your company’s Peakon account, you are able to connect Peakon to your Slack instance. Employees can then receive Slack notifications for new questions, and reminders to answer the survey if they've forgotten.

Ensure that you have the correct permissions in Slack to add apps and the Peakon app is approved by your Slack admin.

To connect Slack to Peakon, click on Administration on the left menu and then choose the “Integration” option. Now, select Slack followed by the green “Connect” option to connect Slack and Peakon.

You will then be asked to authorize permission to provide Slack access to your identity on Peakon. This is needed in order for messages to be sent to Slack via a robotic user (or bot user). Once you have clicked on “Authorize”, a "peakonbot" will automatically be added to your Slack client from where you'll receive notifications about new survey rounds and reminders. Please note that you will not see the "peakonbot" in your Slack client until it sends you a message for the first time.

You can manage the Slack integration from the “Integrations” icon in your Administration menu, followed by Slack. Under Settings, you will have the option to activate notifications for new questions and reminders to answer if you’ve forgotten. You can also disconnect the Slack integration from here, if needed.

How does Slack work with languages?

For any employee who has been given access to a Peakon account, the Slack bot will use the same language as you have configured on your account. For employees who have not been given access to a Peakon account, Peakon will either remember the language they selected when they took the survey or the language we detected from their browser. The Slack bot will use that same language in messages.  

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