For a user to exist on Peakon, they first need to be added as an employee. This is the case for all users, including managers and system administrators. 

Adding employees manually is a good option for adding a couple of employees. For adding larger groups of employees, we recommend using the excel import method instead.

This article will cover:

  1. Adding a new employee to Peakon
  2. Sending them the survey link during a live round (admins only)

1. Adding a new employee

  1. Go to Administration > Employees
  2. Click Add employee
  3. Fill in the employee's details 
  4. Click the green Create employee button to save the changes

It will not be possible to save the changes until the following details are filled in:

  • First and last name
  • The unique identifier - email address and/or employee number

Once you have added the employee, it is possible to add them to a survey round, as long as it is still open. This option is only visible for system administrators, therefore if you have added an employee and they need to be added to the survey round, please reach out to your administrator.

If you are using several schedules with targeted employee groups, make sure to check the employee is part of one of these target groups.

There are two ways to send a new employee their survey:

1. From the Rounds tab under the Employee record

2. From the general Employees section where a yellow banner will appear with a prompt to add the employee to the open round

Both actions will instantly send them an email with their unique survey link.

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