As an admin member of your Peakon account, you are able to add managers to segments, enabling them to view the segment results. For example, if you have an attribute for regional areas within your company, you may want to assign an HR responsible to a particular segment within that attribute. 

Assigning a manager to a segment is useful when you have managers that are not necessarily people managers but they are responsible for certain areas of your business. 

By assigning a manager to a segment, they will automatically be added to the default "Manager" group in the access control page. If they already have dashboard access, they will be able to search the segment they are responsible for in the left context menu. 

There are three different ways to add managers to segments:

  • Adding managers to segments from the attribute page
  • Adding managers to segments from their employee record
  • Adding managers to segments in bulk through a data import

Option 1: Adding managers to segments from the attribute page

This option is only available to global administrators who have access to manage attributes.

  1. Click on the Administration option in the left hand menu 
  2. Select Attributes 
  3. Select the attribute to show its list of segments 
  4. Click on the orange “+” icon on the manager section of the attribute’s segment
  5. Type in the managers name or email and then click on the Add icon 

To remove a manager from a segment, click on the orange “+” icon to see the managers currently assigned to the segment. You will then see an option to remove a manager from the segment.

Option 2: Adding managers to segments from their employee record

This option is available to any member of an access control group where the Segment management access permission has been enabled under the Employees group of access control permissions. This would typically be a permission that you would grant to a group of local HR admins who also have permission to view and update employee records. 

Those managers/Human Resources managers with this permission enabled, can add managers to segments as follows:

  1. Go to Administration > Employees 
  2. Search and select the manager who needs to be added to a segment
  3. On their open employee record details, select the Managing tab at the top of the screen
  4. Click on the green Add segment option and choose the segment they need access to

To remove a manager from a segment, open up the employee record and click on the Managing tab and then click on Revoke access beside the relevant segment.

Option 3: Adding managers to segments in bulk through a data import

It is also possible to bulk assign managers to segments, as well as export a file to see what segments managers are assigned to.

Import/bulk assign managers

  1. Go to Administration > Attributes
  2. Find the attribute to which you wish to bulk assign managers 
  3. Export the current managers list from the Export managers tab, or if this is your first import - export the template under the Import managers tab
  4. Make any changes on the Excel file keeping in mind the formatting requirements (outlined below)
  5. Importing the file to bulk assign managers to segments

The import is attribute-specific, meaning that separate uploads are required per attribute. Please upload manager access for the segments of one attribute at a time.

As soon as the import has been successfully uploaded, managers will appear next to the segments they have been assigned to. This will also be reflected in the Managing tab of the employee page.

Excel formatting requirements

In order for the upload to successfully assign managers to segments, please respect the following formatting guidelines:

  • Segment names need to be an exact match with the data in Peakon
  • Managers can be assigned using their full name, email address or employee number, providing this information is already in Peakon
  • To assign multiple managers to a same segment, list these out in different rows

Export current segment managers

If you already have managers to segments on your account, you can export a file in the Export managers tab to view the segments that managers are assigned to. 


  • On an exported file, the column “Automatic” informs you on whether a manager was automatically added to a segment through the normal hierarchy or whether they were manually added. This is most relevant for any employee type attribute.
  • On an exported file of the Manager attribute, only the line manager and any manually added managers will appear. The full reporting hierarchy is not included on the excel file to align with the behaviour from the rest of the product.
  • The import/export of segment managers works for the following attribute types: option, employee and combination.

Employee type attributes 

Employee type attributes behave slightly differently than other attributes as there are the “all reports” and “direct reports” segments to consider.

Let’s take the Manager attribute as an example:

  • When exporting segment managers, the excel document will only include the segment (manager names) that have a manually added segment manager. All managers will have a segment manager (themselves!) but to make the export the easiest to understand and use, we only include the manually added segment managers to the export.
  • When importing segment managers, use the “Direct Report” column to inform the system if the segment manager should have visibility on the manager’s “all report” or “direct report” segments. Use “True” when giving access to the manager’s direct reports and “False” when giving access to the manager’s all reports segment. 
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