On Peakon, it’s possible to make bulk changes to employee records at segment level. If needed, changes can also be backdated to populate the segment dashboard with historical survey results. 

The recommended uses for this feature are:

  • A new manager had already started managing the selected employees before a survey went out
  • Assigning a manager to a specific team who mistakenly had no manager assigned
  • Two departments/segments have merged together, and there is a need for a consolidated view of survey responses

Who can make changes?

Admin members on Peakon have the ability to make changes to attributes, segments, and employee records. For all other users with access to a dashboard, permissions will vary based on what access permissions the account admin has granted certain users. 

How to make changes?

Backdating changes is made under Configuration > Employees as this entails updating the employee records associated with a specific segment. Therefore, it's easiest to use the filter options on the attributes to find specific segments. 

In the below example, the Content Marketing and Community Marketing teams have merged and survey data needs to be consolidated under the Marketing department. To ensure that this change has a retrospective effect, it also needs to be backdated to align historic data with the correct department.

To do this, follow the instructions below:

1. Select the group of employees using the filter options, eg. the Community Marketing and Content Marketing departments

2. Select all employees (if more than 50, click the "select all" option)

3. Click the green Edit button

4. Select the Department field and choose the new department 

5. The green "Valid from" option or small clock icon can then be selected to backdate the change

6. Select "Start" to have the change backdated to the beginning or add a custom date

7. Click on the green "Review changes" option at the bottom of the screen to review the changes before proceeding to click on "Save changes" to complete the steps

Once done, it's a good idea to check whether the changes have been done correctly, by filtering on your new segment.

The same steps can be taken when making changes to reporting lines, simply by using the Manager attribute instead. 

Backdating through an employee data upload

It is also possible to backdate via an employee data upload. 

  1. Go to Configuration and then Employees
  2. Click on the Import option 
  3. When importing your file, tick the Set valid from box to set a retrospective date from when your changes should be valid from 

When backdating through a data upload, it is advisable to upload the data that needs backdating separate to data that does not need backdating. 

Anonymity considerations

Backdating a single employee might bring about some risk to their anonymity, if their responses suddenly appear in an already existing segment where you are familiar with the results.

Furthermore, it is not recommended to backdate historical results to the start of time when a new manager takes over a team. This is because the feedback may not be relevant or actionable to them, and it could contain sensitive information that was intended for the previous reporting lines.

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