The following provisioning features are supported when using provisioning from Okta to Peakon:

  • Create Users: New or existing users in Okta will be pushed to Peakon as new employees.
  • Update User Attributes: Updates to user profiles in Okta will be pushed to Peakon.
  • Deactivate Users: Users deactivated in Okta will be automatically disabled in the Peakon, and will not be included in any engagement surveys beyond the point of deactivation. If reactivated, users will again start receiving scheduled engagement surveys.

The following Okta attributes will be sychcronized to Peakon:

  • Email
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Employee number
  • Locale
  • Time zone

In addition, custom attributes can be added to Okta to sync information like department, manager, date of birth and more to Peakon. See the Custom Attributes section of this article for more details.

Group-related provisioning features are not supported by Peakon at this time.


As an administrator of Peakon, you will need to enable the Employee Provisioning integration before enabling provisioning in Okta.

You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Log into your Peakon account at https://app.peakon.com
  2. Go to Administration > Integrations > Employee provisioning
  3. Click Connect and you will see the below fields

Provisioning is now enabled for your company, and you can proceed to configure it within Okta.

Configuration steps

You are now ready to configure Okta to provision users to Peakon:

  1. Add the Peakon application to your Okta account
  2. Once added, go to the Provisioning tab and click “Configure API Integration”
  3. Tick the “Enable API integration” box, and enter the OAuth Bearer Token from the Peakon settings page (in the Prerequisites step) as API token
  4. Click “Test API credentials” to ensure the connection is working
  5. Click “Save” to enable provisioning for the Peakon app
  6. You will now activate the desired provisioning features. In the provisioning settings for the app, under “To App”, click “Edit” and enable the “Create Users”, “Update User Attributes” and “Deactivate Users”. Click “Save” to save your settings.

That is it. You are now ready to start assigning users to the app, and they will be automatically created within Peakon.

Custom attributes

To support syncing custom Peakon attributes from Okta, a few additional steps are required. For example, to sync a Department attribute, follow these steps:

  1. Create a custom Department attribute in Peakon, in case one does not already exist
  2. Go to the Peakon application in Okta, and under the Provisioning tab, click Add Attribute
  3. Enter the details for the Department attribute:
    Display name: Department
    Variable name: department
    External namespace: urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:extension:peakon:2.0:User
    Scope: User personal
  4. Click Save
  5. Under the Provisioning tab, click Map Attributes and select the Okta to Peakon sync direction
  6. Add a mapping from the Okta user.department attribute to the Peakon department attribute with the "Apply mapping on user create and update" setting
  7. Click Save Mappings

Now, when you create or update the department of a user in Okta, the change will be synced to Peakon. The same process can be repeated for any other attribute.

Note: Okta does not support spaces in the attribute names and therefore it is recommended to add a special character such as "_" for example "Employed_Since". You may add this as an alias in Peakon to match the naming.

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