To continuously receive high-quality feedback from employees, it’s important to build trust in both the platform used and the change process. 

Three things that Peakon provides are:

The look of the first survey 'thank you tour' and the survey engagement summary differ depending on whether the personal dashboard has been enabled or not. This article will show both versions.

Click here to view an article on survey participant facing emails, and click here to view an article on manager facing emails.

The first survey 'thank you tour'

After submitting their first survey responses and if the personal dashboard has not been enabled, the employee will see the below thank you screen. 

To move to the next stage, they can use the navigation arrows to see how the platform generates insights and displays feedback. 

An important benefit of this tour comes from showing how comments and scores are displayed on the dashboard, allowing employees to see how there are no names or individually identifiable information attached to their feedback.

At the end of the tour, they can click on 'Learn more about Peakon', which links to this page

If the personal dashboard is enabled, the last screen of the above flow will be replaced with the below view, and at this point employees can activate their personal dashboard.

The personal engagement summary

At Peakon, we believe engagement is everybody's business. The personal engagement summary is a great way for employees to get insights into their own engagement scores at the end of the survey. If the personal dashboard feature is not enabled, the summary will look like the below for the first survey:

...and as below for subsequent surveys:

When someone completes a survey, their personal engagement summary will show:

  • The drivers they are most satisfied or dissatisfied with (Peakon determines this by looking at the employee's scores in comparison to the company benchmark)
  • How their engagement has changed over time
  • When they will next receive questions from Peakon
  • Statistics on the amount of feedback they’ve provided, and how it’s been acknowledged by leaders

Enabling the personal engagement summary

The personal engagement summary can be turned on or off individually for each survey schedule within the Survey settings tab. If enabled, they will receive the 'thank you page' after the first survey and at the end of any subsequent surveys, when Peakon has some trend data on the employee, they will see their personal engagement summary.

Previewing the personal engagement summary

The survey summary can be previewed within each schedule by clicking on the Preview survey button in the top right corner within the schedule.

Once in the preview window, choose whether you would like to preview the end of the first survey or subsequent surveys, as shown below.

If the subsequent summary does not appear, ensure that the summary is enabled from the Survey settings tab and click on Save settings before previewing the survey again. 

The personal dashboard

When the personal dashboard is enabled, the survey summary instead 'lives' within the dashboard, among other features. Employees are able to activate or proceed into their dashboard at the end of each survey. They can access their dashboard at any time by bookmarking this link.

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