Peakon dashboard results can be downloaded into a PowerPoint presentation. Firstly, decide on which context/segment you would like to download a presentation of - you can search and switch contexts in the left menu or click on the View as segment at the top of your dashboard. 

If you would like to export your dashboard from a different point in time, expand the context switcher and in the Settings menu, choose the View previous round option, before proceeding with the export.

The slide-deck will include:

  • An Overview
  • Highlighted segments
  • Strengths and Priorities
  • Driver scores
  • Topics from comments  
  • Any actions that have been created and shared
  • References on how eNPS is calculated
  • References on how strengths and priorities are calculated

Once your dashboard is set to the context you need, click on the Export icon at the top of the dashboard. Shortly after, when the presentation is ready a message will appear with a green Download button to download a local file.

It is also possible to export results into an Excel file through the segments page. Read more about segments in this article.

Article: Comparing your segment results

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