When allowing a survey schedule to run in multiple languages supported by Peakon, it's possible to ensure employees receive the survey in the language reflected on their employee record. By updating the timezone on employee records, it's also possible to ensure that the survey is received at the desired time in the employee's respective timezone.

The excel import method can be used to bulk update the language and timezone fields on employee records. The Excel sheet needs to be formatted as follows:


Add a column and header on your sheet called "Language". Use the abbreviations below to set the language to one of the following Languages supported by Peakon.


Add a column and header on your sheet called "Timezone". The region and city name need to be added in the cell. For example, "Europe/London" as shown on the screenshot below.

A full list of timezones and language codes to include on your CSV file can be found in the links below. 

Article: Adding and Updating Employee Records Using the File Import Method
Article: Troubleshooting Errors and Warnings when Using the File Import Method

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