On Peakon, it’s possible to view and interact with comments from survey responses by initiating conversations directly from comments. The conversation feature allows a manager to gain more insight by asking follow-up questions or simply leaving a response to the comment. 

The conversation feature has two components:

  • Replies: these initiate conversations with employees who receive replies to comments
  • Internal notes: these are not sent to the employee who left the comment. They are visible only to those managers who also have access to the comment. 

Direct conversation with employees

When a manager initiates a conversation from a comment, it’s important to note that the employee who left the comment remains anonymous during the conversation. The employee will receive an email containing the comment, the manager’s response to the comment, as well as the manager’s name. The email to the employee emphasises that the employee’s identity remains anonymous. 

To initiate a conversation, the manager will need to click on the conversation icon on the comment itself. The conversation sidebar will then appear, where the manager will have two options to click on: “Reply” and “Note”. The “Reply” option will send a reply to the employee who left the comment.

Internal notes 

Internal notes can be used when a manager wants to bring a comment to the attention of colleagues by using an @mention in the note. Notes are internal and will not be sent to the employee. Only those managers who also have access to the comment can be @mentioned in an internal note. 

Hovering over the person icon on the comment itself reveals the names of manager who also have access to the comment.

What do managers see when they have access to conversations?

  • Admins and managers (when enabled in access control groups) are able to see which managers have access to the comment by clicking on the person icon on the comment itself to reveal the manager names. 
  • The list of managers with access to the comment is sorted by distance to the employees so this would typically result in the line manager being at the top of the list. 
  • Managers will also be able to see all conversations tied to a comment, including conversations made by other managers with access to the comment 
  • Managers see their own replies in black text boxes and other manager’s replies in grey text boxes with names attached
  • Replies from employees are also in grey text boxes but appear without any name attached
  • Internal notes are in orange text boxes

What do employees see when a conversation is started by a manager?

Employees receive an email that will look similar to the image below. The email will state the manager's name along question and comment left by the employee and the manager's response. It will not be sent instantly, to further protect the employee's anonymity.

The email will also contain a "Reply Anonymously" option should the employee wish to engage in the conversation.


  • Employees receive an email (with a randomly generated time delay) when the conversation is started by the manager. The email contains a link for the employee to click on to give a reply. 
  • Managers receive an email when employees reply to their conversation and they will also get a notification in Peakon. Email notifications are configure in profile settings - the option at the very top in the left menu that shows your name. 
  • All managers with access to the comment who have also participated in a conversation initiated from the same comment will also receive a notification every time a manager or employee adds to the conversation.
  • Managers receive an email and Peakon notification when they are @mentioned in an internal note.

Turning the conversation feature on for managers

Access to conversations is given granted by admins from within the access groups on Peakon. To turn conversations on:

  1. Click on the “Employee” option in the left menu
  2. Click on the “Access control” tab
  3. Select the relevant access control group
  4. Click on the “Comments” group of access controls
  5. Toggle “Access conversations” to the on position
  6. Toggle "View comment managers" to the on position to allow managers to see who else has access to the comment when hovering over the person icon
  7. Click on the green "Save Group" option to save changes

Anonymity considerations

In instances where multiple managers have access to the comments, it may be possible to infer the identity of employees leaving comments. This can be the case in organisations with a matrix style reporting structure. For example, if a manager was added to a segment that represents a team, and within that segment the employees each report to their own line manager. In such a case, the manager who was added to the segment will then be able to see which other managers have access to a particular comment and thereby infer the identity of the employee leaving the comment. 


  • Conversations require that employees have email addresses in order for them to receive the notifications
  • The conversation feature cannot be used with employees using kiosk mode or SMS to complete surveys
  • Managers completing surveys using kiosk mode will not be able to use the conversation feature either as access to a dashboard is required to use conversations

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