On Peakon, it is possible to restrict an article in two different ways: 

  • Viewing the attribute scores on the heatmap
  • Viewing and updating the attribute values on employee records

For instance, you may not wish for managers to view and compare segments relating to employee salary information on the heatmap. In this case, the salary attribute can be marked as restricted. This means that managers will not be able to view any segments from a restricted attribute, unless they belong to an access control group granting them access to view restricted attributes. 

For those managers who also have access to view employee record information, restrictions can also be placed on whether they can see the restricted attribute values on employee records. When restricted, this means that they will not be able to filter on restricted attributes on the employee page, nor will they be able to view or update the attribute values on the employee record itself.

How to restrict an attribute

To get started, there are three things you should think about:

  • Which attribute would you like to restrict?
  • Would you like to restrict it on the heatmap or the employee record, or both?
  • Finally, which access control groups should have access to restricted attributes? 

Restricting an attribute

Account admins are able to mark an attribute's heatmap scores or employee record values as restricted by following the steps below:

  1. Click on Configuration, then go to Attributes 
  2. Select the attribute you would like to mark as restricted
  3. Click on the Edit attribute button and then find the Advanced option
  4. Choose your selection
  5. Click on the green Save changes option to save changes

Note: it's not possible to restrict Employee data access on the default Tenure attribute.

Managing restricted attributes from the access control groups

In some instances you may wish to allow certain groups of managers to be able to view a restricted attributes dashboard scores or employee data access when viewing employee records.

Admins can manage user access to restricted attributes from within access control groups:

  1. Go to Configuration and then Access Control 
  2. Select the relevant access control group
  3. Click on the Access statistics and toggle the Access restricted attributes option to the on or off position 
  4. If the View employees option is also turned on, toggle the View restricted attributes option to the on or off position 
  5. Click on the Save group option


Restricted attributes and strengths and priorities

It's important to note that restricted attributes cannot be highlighted as strengths or priorities for those managers who do not have access to view the restricted attributes. For those managers who do have access to view restricted attributes, these attributes can still be used in comparisons and will therefore also be eligible to be highlighted as a strength or priority. 

Viewing restricted attributes

Managers who have access to view restricted attributes will able to see them on employee records and/or on the dashboard's segment page, depending on the access controls that have been setup by the admin. On the segment page, restricted attributes are denoted by a "Restricted" icon when viewing the segment selector - as shown below. Restricted attributes can also be searched for in the context selector in the left menu by managers who have been granted access to view restricted attributes. 

Other considerations

  • The ability to access the list of surveyed employees will not be possible on restricted attributes
  • Restricted attributes won't sync through to Peakon when using an HRIS integration
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