Peakon provides administrators the ability to set up company information. Company information can be added or edited by clicking on Administration > Company > Account. There you will find two tabs: Information and Data Control.


Company name

The field is used for your company name. The company name will also appear on questions that refer to the company name. If segment branding has been activated, the segment name will be used instead of the company name on such questions.

Peakon recommends uploading your company logo, which will then also appear on surveys. If segment branding is activated the logos attached to the segments will be displayed on surveys instead. The ideal size for the logo is 300 x 300 pixels. 


Choosing the right sector is an important step when setting up your company information. The chosen sector will determine which industry your company will be benchmarked against in instances where the benchmark has been set to “Automatic” (benchmark settings are configured in the “Settings” option in the left menu). Peakon recommends that you select the most relevant sector for your organisation. Specific benchmarking can be applied in the benchmark settings. 


Size refers to the size of your company in employee headcount. Peakon recommends using the actual size of your organisation as this contributes to Peakon’s benchmarking data. However, the selected size will not be used in any benchmarking calculations for you company. 

Location of your HQ

The location of your organisation’s main headquarters. This information is not used in any benchmarking or score calculation for your company but contributes toward the data that Peakon uses to improve its product and services.


The timezone of your company HQ. The system will use this as the default timezone for survey send-out time. 

Data Control

Automatic deletion of former employees

This setting allows you to set a set time window before former employees are automatically deleted.

Access to Peakon Support

It’s possible to restrict the regions you’d like to receive support from. Support refers a member of Peakon’s Customer Success or Support team being able to access your account to advise on account set up or to better answer any questions you may have about your account.

During the initial onboarding process, Peakon recommends allowing access to your account as this will aide our Customer Success team who will be working closely with you to get your account setup and your survey launched to your organisation.

Allowing access to your account also allows our Support team members around the world to better answer any specific questions you may have about your Peakon account. 

The three options include:

  • Global support - allowing access from all regions
  • Restricted support - only allowing access from specific regions
  • No access - members from Peakon’s Customer Success and Support teams are unable to access your account

Instances where allowing access to your account is useful include:

  • Initial account setup with Customer Success Manager (data aggregation & anonymity settings, benchmark settings, survey settings)
  • Question review with Customer Success Manager
  • Employee records upload using file import
  • Survey results session with Customer Success Manager
  • Preparation for quarterly business review sessions with Customer Success Managers
  • Answering support queries where the Support team need access to an account in order to investigate issues or answer account specific questions


Email certificates, also known as SMIME certificates, are digital certificates that can be used to sign and encrypt email messages. When you encrypt an email using an email certificate, only the recipient can decrypt and read the email. They can also be sure that the email hasn’t been changed in any way and will help the emails being marked as spam. Administrators have the ability to upload and edit the company certificates, and Peakon will automatically add them to Peakon emails.

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