If your excel import returned any errors that caused the upload to fail, the errors will listed on your screen. It’s worth noting these errors down as they will give an indication of what to fix on your sheet. It's also possible to download the import log which will list all the updates made via the import as well as any errors during the import.

There are two categories of errors that can occur during an import: 

  1. Errors that will cause the import to fail with no data being uploaded. These errors will be shown on the screen in order to fix the fix the file and attempt another import.
  2. Warnings that allow the import to continue. These warnings are listed on your screen once the import is complete and they will also be listed in the activity log that can be downloaded once the import is complete.

Retrieving a list of errors

For the errors that allow the import to continue: 

  • A list of errors will be shown after the import
  • An import log can be downloaded once the import is complete

It is important to remember that once these error are displayed on your screen and you click on Okay, I’m done you will not be able to view the errors again as a reference. We advise downloading the import log file before clicking on Okay, I’m done as the import log will contain a list of any errors.

The illustration below shows error messages that do not make the import fail. The error message also shows which column, row, or cell the error refers to.

Warnings that won’t make the import fail

We recommend reviewing the formatting requirements listed in the adding and updating employee records using Excel article as many warnings and errors can be avoided if the file is formatted correctly.

  • No value for column "xx", the row will be skipped (this means that a column is marked as required, and the row doesn’t have a value for it, so it’ll be skipped).
  • No identifier found for row, skipping. Ensure that an employee Email or Employee ID is present.
  • Column header was not text, skipping. Make sure that you use text in column headers on Excel.
  • No field found for the column "xx", it will be ignored.
  • No column found for the field "xx", no values will be imported for this field. This means there’s a (non-required) attribute defined that doesn’t correspond to any column header.
  • No employee found with email, name or employee number xx for attribute Manager. This means there is no employee record on the sheet or on Peakon matching the manager email address given on the employee record. Add an employee record for the manager to the sheet and re-upload.

Errors that will make the import fail

  • Unable to read Excel file. Try opening and saving in Excel first.
  • Unable to open workbook. Make sure your Excel sheet is not password protected.
  • The sheet contains more than the maximum amount of rows (actual limit depends on the attributes). The error may also be triggered if extraneous rows don’t hold any data, but have had a format or styling applied to them.
  • Multiple sheets found in the workbook. Only a single sheet may be present.
  • No worksheet found. Make sure the file was created using Microsoft Excel.
  • The sheet must contain at least a header row and a content row.
  • The sheet must contain a "xx" column. This means a column that is marked as required is not present in the file, causing the import to fail.
  • The sheet must contain one of the identifier columns. Ensure a column is present containing either an employee “Email” or an “Employee ID”.
  • You cannot remove the identifier for an employee with no email. This means that Excel sheet attempted to remove an “Employee ID” but as the employee does not have an “Email” this is forbidden.
  • Cannot enable feature on employee before feature is enabled on the company. Please get in contact with your Customer Success Manager or contact support@peakon.com 
  • Your limit of xx employees has been reached. This means that importing the file would put you over the limit of your current Peakon plan in terms of licences purchased. Please contact support@peakon.com or get in touch with your Customer Success Manager. 
  • The domain xx doesn't match any of your organization domains yy. Please contact support@peakon.com or your Customer Success Manager to get additional domains added to your account

The illustration below shows an error that causes the import fail. If you get this type of error, note the message and refer back to the steps listed in the adding and updating employee records using Excel article.

Article: Adding and updating employee records using the file import method

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