When first getting setup on Peakon, it's important to ensure that preliminary steps have been completed prior to scheduling your survey. For example, reviewing the questions, reviewing the attributes and uploading employee records, and setting the benchmark and data aggregation setting. Our Getting Started on Peakon in 6 easy-to-follow steps article is a good resource to read through in the lead up to scheduling your first survey.

Scheduling a survey

The Schedules menu option under Administration is where you will set the date for your survey to be sent along with the duration for how long the survey will be open for. This tab will also display the next send-out date if running the survey on one of the automatic modes.

This page will also give an overview of the frequency of the survey and how many employees the survey is being sent to.

The Schedules menu option is also where you are able to control the automatic survey reminder send-out dates.

Setting the survey schedule is typically done last after all the other survey settings have been selected, such as frequency, target, email, survey settings, etc. 

To set the schedule:

  1. Select the start date 
  2. Choose the duration for the survey to be open for
  3. Click on Enable data collection to allow the survey to be sent at the set start date

When selecting the start date, the end date will automatically be populated according the survey duration that has been selected. It's possible to override the end date by clicking on the override icon and selecting a new end date. Note, this will not update the duration icon from the original selection, however, the duration will effectively be the new end date that you have selected.

Once data collection has been enabled, the next survey round dates will also be shown. It's also possible to override these dates by clicking on the Override icons. 

Survey settings

The survey tabs are listed as follows with detailed articles linked on each, which explain each tab's individual settings:

  • Schedule - this is where you set the send out date and enable data collection. This is also where you can manage the automated survey reminder emails once the survey is live
  • Frequency - this is where you can set the frequency at which the survey will be sent out. This is also where you can set the driver question frequency for surveys running on one of the automatic schedules
  • Target - this is where you target the survey to specific groups of employees.
  • Email - this is where you can set the survey sender. This is also where you can customise the standardised email subject along with the standardised email body. You can also select how often digest emails should be sent out to those managers who will be granted access to view their team's survey results
  • Survey Settings - this is where you are able to turn on Peakon's illustrations in the survey. This is also where you can enable the personalised employee engagement summary. The survey language can also be set from this tab

Sending out test rounds

It's possible to send out a test round from each of the tabs listed above by clicking on the "Send test round icon". This will allow you to send out a test round to individual employees or to segments of employees. Test rounds scores will not be aggregated into the real survey results. Test rounds can be used to validate the survey questions and to ensure the surveys are being delivered correctly.

For guidance on sending out test rounds, take a look at our Sending a test round to employees article that outlines how to send a test round, and also provides some best practices when sending out test rounds.  

How can I disable the next survey round?

In order to disable the next survey round, please click on the Disable data collection button within your schedule. This will prevent the next survey round from launching, and it will be possible to enable data collection again at a later point.

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