When first getting setup on Peakon, it's important to ensure that preliminary steps have been completed prior to scheduling your survey. For example, reviewing the questions, reviewing the attributes and uploading employee records, and setting the benchmark and data aggregation setting. Our self-starter guide is a good resource to read through in the lead up to scheduling your first survey.

Your schedules are found in the Administration panel. The default Company schedule can be customised to fit your needs. Business tier customers are also able to create additional custom schedules. Typically, only administrators will have access to configure and create schedules. 

This article will focus on scheduling a survey and configuring its settings. To access your schedules, go to Administration in the left menu, and then Schedules. Pick the schedule that you would like to enable or configure by clicking the green View button. We will now go through each tab within the schedule.

Schedule your survey

Once in the main page of your schedule, you can:

  • Set the launch date and the duration of your survey
  • View or override the next survey send-out date and set the weekday (if the survey is on an automatically recurring frequency)
  • View how many employees the survey will be sent to
  • View or override the automatic survey reminder send-out date and send out manual reminders

To set the schedule:

  1. Select the Start date field to set your date, and select the Duration field to set for how long the survey should be open
  2. Click on Enable data collection to allow the survey to be sent at the set start date

When selecting the start date, the end date will automatically be populated according the survey duration that has been selected. It's possible to override the end date by clicking on the override icon and selecting a new end date. This will not update the duration icon from the original selection, however, the duration will effectively be the new end date that you have selected.

Once data collection has been enabled, the next survey round dates will also be shown. It's also possible to override these dates by clicking on the Override icons. 

How can I disable the next survey round?

In order to disable the next survey round, please click on the Disable data collection button within your schedule. This will prevent the next survey round from launching, and it will be possible to enable data collection again at a later point.

Set your frequency

This is where you can set the frequency at which the survey will be sent out. This is also where you can set the driver question frequency for surveys running on one of the automatic schedules. 

On the right panel, you will see an estimate on the amount of questions you will see in each round. This also takes into account open-ended question frequency. 

Choose the target - business & premier tier

The survey target determines who the survey will be sent to, allowing Business and Premier tier customers to control which segments should only be included, or excluded, in the survey schedule. 

When using the default Company schedule, the survey will be sent to all employees, who have the engagement toggle set to active on their employee records. 

The Only including and Excluding boxes allow you to select specific segments for targeting. A summary of the schedule target is shown on the right of your screen. 

Overlapping schedules

When employees are included in more than one active schedule, Peakon will display a warning on the schedules overview page, as shown below:

Targeting individual questions

In addition to the overall survey target, it's also possible to target specific questions. This is done from the question library by clicking the "Administration" > "Questions" options in the left menu. For more information, read our article on Managing survey questions.

Adjust email settings

Survey email

In this section you can:

Digest email

Here you can control whether the manager digest email gets sent automatically (daily if there is new data) or only at the end of round. Any changes to this setting take effect in real-time. For example, if the setting is switched from automatic to end of round mid-survey, the manager will not receive further daily digest emails but will receive when the round has closed.

Note, managers without access to comments, or managers without access to comments in real-time will not be able to receive daily digest emails.

After setting up your email settings, please read this article on ensuring successful email delivery from Peakon.

Other survey settings

The survey settings tab allows you to set survey sender, enable/disable illustrations and the survey engagement summary. It is also possible to set the survey send-out time, as well as the timezone and language settings. 


Control whether illustrations are enabled or disabled in the survey. Clicking on the survey preview icon in the top right of your screen will allow you to preview all the illustrations for each question.

Survey engagement summary

It’s possible to enable for employees to view a summary of their own engagement over time. This page is unique to the employee and will also show them those drivers that they are least and most satisfied with. 

If activated, after the first survey the employee completes they will see an introduction to Peakon on their screen. Subsequent surveys will show the employees engagement summary. 

Clicking on the survey preview icon in the top right of your screen will allow you to preview the engagement summary. 

Survey time & timezone

By default, survey and reminder emails are sent out at 9AM in the employee's local timezone. The survey and reminder send-out time can be adjusted in the schedule. 

Survey language

By default, Peakon allows the survey to be answered in all supported languages. It’s also possible to restrict the languages the survey can be answered in. By specifying specific languages, employees will only be able to change the language on the survey to one of the specified languages. 

It’s possible to set an employee’s language preference on the employee record too. This creates a better experience for employees as they will then receive the survey in the set language.

Attributes - business & premier tier

The attributes tab allows you to set up your survey to allow employees to populate their own segment data to collect additional data to segment your teams on. 

SMS - business & premier tier

For customers with the SMS add-on enabled, this tab can be used to enable or disable SMS send-out. The survey will only be sent via SMS to employees with a valid mobile phone number. 

Kiosk - business & premier tier

Kiosk mode can be used to survey employees without an email address. Typically, employees will use a generic survey URL (configured on this tab), and one of 3 methods to authenticate themselves:

  • Reusable kiosk code
  • One-time kiosk code
  • Employee number & first name


Segment branding is used in organisations with multiple entities or brands with different names and logos. Applying branding to these entity segments ensures that the company name on survey questions and emails is replaced by the segment name.

Survey branding is an additional layer of branding, allowing a custom survey logo and name.

Read more about branding in this article.

Sending out test rounds

It's possible to send out a test round by clicking on the Send test round icon. This will allow you to send out a test round to individual employees or to segments of employees. 

Test rounds can be used to validate the survey questions and to ensure the surveys are being delivered correctly.

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