Sending out your first company survey on Peakon is an exciting moment. The survey results start coming through in real-time providing valuable insights almost immediately. 

Preparing for your survey launch is made easy by following these five steps below. Logically, the last step is scheduling your survey, however, we find that our customers typically follow the sequence outlined below. 

Your customer success manager will also work with you through the steps. We encourage you to read through the linked documentation below to make the most of your time spent with your customer success manager.  

Step 1: Review your Questions

  1. Ensure that all the driver and sub-driver questions have been reviewed. The questions that are marked as active will be asked in the survey round.
  2. If adding custom driver or open-ended questions, ensure that translations have also been added in the localization section of the question. This is  only applicable if allowing the survey to be answered in multiple languages (add the translations for the languages you will allow employees to answer the survey in).
  3. Ensure that any questions that need to be targeted to specific segments have the targeting added.
  4. Ensure that the open-ended question frequency has been set.

Step 2: Review your attributes and upload your Employee records

  1. Ensure that all your attributes have been set up on Peakon. These need to be reviewed before uploading your employee records in the next step.
  2. Ensure that employee records have been successfully uploaded onto Peakon either manually or via file upload.

Step 3: Authorize emails from Peakon

  1. Ensure that emails from Peakon have been whitelisted by your IT department. This is necessary to ensure all survey emails are delivered. 

Step 4: Setup your company information, Benchmark, and data aggregation settings

  1. Ensure that your Company Information has been setup and your logo added.
  2. Ensure that you have selected the relevant Benchmarking for your company.
  3. Review your data aggregation and anonymity settings.

Step 5: Giving managers access to, and training on, Peakon 

  1. If you plan on giving managers access to Peakon, ensure that the access controls groups have been up correctly. A list of access control permissions can be found here.
  2. Managers can be granted access to Peakon dashboards at any point. We recommend giving them access during the open survey round so they receive the digest emails. The digest email contains a link to their dashboard.
  3. Make sure your managers are familiar with how their Peakon dashboard works. This on-demand training video is a good introduction to Peakon and covers how navigate and interact with the data on the dashboard.

Step 6: Send a test round and schedule your survey

  1. You're now ready to setup your survey schedule and send out a test round. 
  2. The schedule settings are grouped together by Schedule, Frequency, Target, Email, and Survey Settings. We recommend setting the Schedule settings last after the rest of the settings are in place and you've also sent out a test survey. 
  3. The schedule settings is also where you are able to  customise and preview employee facing communication from Peakon.

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