There are various channels that can be used to distribute the survey link to the employee. This article will focus on email distribution and it will cover:

  • Sending the survey via email
  • Customising emails
  • What time will surveys be sent?
  • Allowing emails from Peakon
  • Troubleshooting

Sending the survey via email

Email is the default and recommended mode of communication from Peakon. On the day of the survey launch, the survey link is sent to all active employees as long as they have a valid email address, and as long as email send out is enabled within your schedule.

Each survey link on Peakon is unique to the employee, and therefore it is important for the employee to use the link provided in the email addressed to them directly.

Resending the survey email

If an employee wishes to have their survey email resent, they need to contact the support team to get this request actioned. It is not possible to resend the survey email to an employee within the product due to anonymity reasons.

Survey reminders

Once the survey has launched you will be able to see when the next survey reminder will be sent out to employees who have not yet completed the survey. It's possible to override the date for the next reminder by clicking on the Override icon within your schedule (Administration > Schedules). Overriding the first reminder email will also push the subsequent reminder email date backward or forward by the same number of days.

It's also possible to send survey reminders at any time by clicking on the Send reminder icon. This will immediately send out survey reminders. 

Survey reminders are sent to those employees who have not yet completed the survey. 

For more information about survey reminders, please take a look at this article

Customising survey emails

For administrators, survey email customisation customise is done separately on each schedule, which can be useful when each schedule relates to a different entity in the organisation, as an example. 

The below settings live within the schedule, namely in the Email and Survey settings tabs.

Note: it is not possible to customise reminder or reactivation emails. For more information about default reminder and reactivation emails, please take a look at this article

Survey sender

To set the survey sender, navigate to the Survey settings tab within your schedule. We recommend using a name that employees will recognise, such as the campaign name for the survey or the name of a senior leader, as this can help drive participation. 

If a senior leader name is used, be sure to check with your IT department whether there are any spam filters on your organisation’s email servers that would block mass emails from a certain name being delivered.

In the absence of a survey sender, Peakon will automatically select a sender from the administrators list.

Email subject 

Peakon provides the following standard email subject line which is automatically translated into all the languages Peakon supports.

 “Please help us make [company name] a better place to work.”

Email text

Peakon provides the following email text which is automatically translated into all the languages Peakon supports.

“We're using Peakon to gather feedback on what's working, and where we need to make some improvements.

Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey.


This section is a good chance to communicate to your employees on how their feedback will be used and any additional information that could be useful to manage their expectations and help drive participation.


The default email subject and text content is automatically translated into all Peakon languages. Employees who either have a language preference set on their profile or have a specific language detected will be able to read the email in their preferred language.

Customising the subject line or email text removes the automatic translations. This means that customised subject lines are not automatically translated by Peakon, unless localisations have also been added, in which case the localised subject line or email text will be used where Peakon is able to identify the employees language preference. 

To add a localisation to the email subject or text:

  1. Click on Add translations under the field you wish to localise
  2. Select a language and type in the translated subject line
  3. Click on Update to save changes

What time will surveys be sent?

There are a couple of scenarios to consider regarding the time that the survey will go out. 

Scenario 1

If you schedule the survey for today's date and enable data collection, the survey will go out immediately, regardless of timezones. 

Scenario 2

If the survey has been scheduled for a date in the future and data collection has been enabled, the survey will automatically go out at the times listed below, taking into consideration the following factors: 

  • When the timezone has been set on employee records, the survey will be sent out at 09:00 in the employee's respective timezone
  • If the employee is receiving their first Peakon survey and there is no timezone set on the employee record, the survey will be sent at 09:00 UTC
  • If the employee has already answered a Peakon survey, and there is no timezone set on the employee record, Peakon will send the survey at 09:00 in the employee's local time. This is because Peakon was able to remember the employees timezone based on their browser settings when they took the last survey.

Allowing emails from Peakon

This article provides the necessary information for your IT department to ensure that Peakon emails are delivered successfully. Skipping this step could result in bounced emails or emails automatically marked as spam.


Incorrect email added

If an employee has the wrong email added, they will not receive the survey and if this is due to a typo, their email will also likely be marked as bounced.

You can find the list of bounced emails by filtering your results on the employees page: 

If you have identified an employee with an incorrect email address, simply update their email address to the correct one and if there is a live survey round, it will automatically attempt to resend the survey to the new email address. 

Email domains

If your company uses multiple email domains, for example, .com and, etc. please let our Support team know so that we can add the additional domains to your account prior to uploading your employee data to prevent errors during your upload.

Sending survey to new employee 

Please refer to this article for instructions on sending a new employee their survey link.

Unsubscribed employees

Employees have the option to unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe link in their Peakon email. The Email tab within the schedule will display the number of employees who have unsubscribed (without naming them, for anonymity reasons).

Administrators will have the option to resubscribe these employees by clicking the Resubscribe button.

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