Survey target

The target determines who the survey will be sent to. When using the default "Company" schedule, the survey will be sent to all employees (Company) who have the engagement set to active on their employee records. It's possible to apply additional targeting in the survey.

When clicking on Administration > Survey option in the left menu, you will then be able to open up a survey's settings by clicking on the green "View" icon. The “target” tab allows you control which segments should only be included, or excluded, in the survey schedule.

The “Only including” and “Excluding” boxes allow you to search for specific segments for targeting. If targeting is required, search and select the relevant segments before clicking on the grey “Update schedule” option. 

A summary of the schedule target is shown on the right of your screen.

Overlapping schedules

When employees are included in more than one active schedule, Peakon will display a warning on the schedules overview page, as shown below:

Targeting individual questions

In addition to the overall survey target, it's also possible to target specific questions. This is done from the question library by clicking the "Administration" > "Questions" options in the left menu. For more information, read our article on Managing Questions.

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