When clicking on Administration > Survey schedule in the left menu, it's possible to view the survey settings by clicking on the green "View" icon. The "Survey settings" tab is where you can enable illustrations, the survey engagement summary, and set the survey language.


It’s possible to have illustrations included in the survey or turned off. Clicking on the survey preview icon in the top right of your screen will allow you to preview all the illustrations for each question.

Survey engagement summary

It’s possible to enable a summary of an employee’s own engagement feedback and survey activity over time. This page is unique to the employee and will also show them those drivers that they are  least and most satisfied with. If activated, after the first survey the employee completes they will see an introduction to Peakon on their screen. Subsequent surveys will show the employees engagement summary. 

To preview the engagement summary, click on the preview survey option at the top right of your screen. Once you see the survey preview, you’ll then see an option at the bottom of your screen to preview the first survey's engagement summary as well as subsequent surveys. 

Survey Language

By default, Peakon allows the survey to be answered in all supported languages. It’s also possible to specify which languages the survey can be answered in. By specifying specific languages, employees will only be able to change the language on the survey to one of the specified languages. 

To specify survey languages, select the languages and click on the “Save settings” option. You will then be able to click on the “Preview survey” icon where you’ll see that it is only possible to change the survey language in the top left corner to one of the specified languages you’ve selected.  

It’s possible to set an employee’s language preferences on the employee record too. This creates a better experience for employees as they will then receive the survey in the set language. Should they need to change the survey language, they will be able to do so in line with the survey language settings.

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