Automated survey participant facing communication from Peakon includes:

  • Survey email 
  • Survey reminder email
  • Reactivation email
  • Comment acknowledgement email
  • Comment reply email
  • Share dashboard email

Click here to view an article on manager facing emails, and click here to view an article on end of survey communications.

Survey email

These are the emails sent from Peakon when the survey round opens. They contain the link to the survey and also show the first question for the employee to answer. 

This email will also contain any customisation that has been made to the subject or to the email text. On the first survey email the grey text box containing any customisation appears before the first question, while on subsequent surveys, it appears after the first question. 

Preview the survey email

  1. Click on Administration and then on Schedules > select the green View icon > select the Email tab
  2. Scroll down and click on the Preview email option
  3. Choose either the First survey or Subsequent survey

Survey reminder email

When are reminder emails sent?

To maximise participation, Peakon will automatically send reminder emails at intervals in each survey round. The account administrators can also choose to manually trigger a reminder email by clicking Override. The automated reminder emails follow this cadence:

  • The first reminder email will be scheduled for half way (in days) through the survey round
  • Peakon will then send reminder emails to employees who’ve not completed the survey every four days until the survey round ends
  • Reminder email will never be sent on the weekend (unless triggered manually). Peakon will move them to the following Monday

If a reminder is triggered manually, it will not affect the schedule of the automated reminders – it will simply be sent as an extra email.

The reminders are usually sent out at 9AM UTC, if the system does not know the timezone of the employee and if there is no time set for the survey send-out within the schedule. If there is no survey send-out time set within the schedule, the system will remember your local timezone after the first Peakon email and record it for the future. To manually update the timezone for your employees, see this article.

Preview reminder emails

Survey email reminders can only be previewed once the survey round is open and data collection has commenced. 

  1. Click on Administration and then on Schedules > select the green View icon
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow beside the Send reminder icon
  3. Click on the Preview reminder email icon

Reactivation email

When will reactivation emails be sent?

Reactivation emails replace the regular survey email and reminder email when an employee has skipped three consecutive survey rounds in a row. Note, these cannot be turned off nor can they be customised. 

Peakon will attempt to reactivate an employee three times after having skipped three surveys in a row. After three re-activation attempts Peakon will revert to sending employees the regular survey round email and reminders. The reactivation emails will be used again if the employee skips survey three consecutive survey rounds. 

Preview reactivation emails

  1. Click on Administration and then on Schedules > select the green View icon > select the Email tab
  2. Click on the Preview reactivation emails option
  3. Select either the First attempt, Second attempt, or Third attempt

Comment acknowledgement email

When an employee's comment receives an acknowledgement, they will instantly be notified of this by email. The acknowledging manager's name will appear as the sender of the email. The employee remains anonymous during the conversation.

Comment reply email

When a conversation has been initiated on an employee's comment, they will instantly be notified of this by email, containing the manager's reply to the comment. The employee is able to to reply back to the manager's response by clicking on the "Reply anonymously" button in the email. The manager's name initiating the conversation will appear as the sender of the email. The employee remains anonymous during the conversation.

Note: It is possible for the administrator to disable the comment preview in comment reply emails. This can be done in Administration > Data settings > Comments. If the preview has been disabled, the comment and conversation will only be visible after clicking on the link.

Share dashboard email

If a manager decides to share their dashboard with the team, the employees within that segment will automatically be notified by Peakon. The manager's name sharing the dashboard will appear as the sender of the email.

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