What are Values?

Using Values, you can track whether people feel their experience at work is aligned to your stated company values. At Peakon, we see Values as a way of steering your company culture, in order to create an organisation that can fulfil your longterm vision, while also being a way of describing what are desirable behaviours in the here and now.

Peakon asks each employee to answer the following question with a rating on a 0-10 scale (each value is prefixed before the question, for example):

"Insight - does your day to day experience of working here feel aligned to this value?"

Along with the numerical score, every respondent also has the ability to add comments to share why they feel this way.

Adding a new Value

  1. Go to Administration, then click on Values 
  2. Click the Add value button at the top-right to set up your question


It is possible to translate your Values in different languages and you can target these Values to specific parts of your organisation, by including or excluding Segments under the 'Advanced' section.


Once added, the values question will appear in your next survey round, with insights appearing on the dashboard in real-time as employees begin to answer. Value question frequency is managed within each survey schedule, similarly to driver questions.

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