Peakon is a technology platform that helps to create more responsive, fulfilling and productive workplaces. It enables you to instantly and anonymously share your thoughts, concerns and ideas with your organisation’s leadership. To explain how Peakon works, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions we hear.


What kind of questions will Peakon ask?

You’ll receive a broad selection of questions that cover how you feel about your company culture, how you’re managed and the direction of the company as a whole. All these factors have an effect on how happy and energised we feel at work.

Peakon will then help management identify the key areas that will improve your overall culture and the effectiveness of each team.

Why does Peakon ask questions more frequently than other survey providers?

It can be frustrating to have just one chance to offer your feedback, when so much can happen in a year and you can have so many different experiences. Through Peakon you’ll be able to give your input more frequently and have a more immediate influence over how you work.

Frequent surveys also mean fewer questions for you to answer. It only takes a few minutes to answer the questions from your computer, a mobile browser, or the iPhone app.

Why do I sometimes get the same question again?

In order to measure, adjust and improve how your organisation works, it’s important to be as scientific as possible. This means, occasionally you’ll receive a question that you’ve been asked in the past. Answering the same question again is the most accurate way for you to show if your experience at work is getting better over time. You can read more about our rotation algorithm here.


Are my answers anonymous?

Yes. The responses you give to Peakon’s questions are entirely anonymous. We believe anonymity is essential for everyone to be heard on an equal footing, and to ensure you never feel uncomfortable raising the issues that you feel strongly about.

Neither your coworkers, manager or anyone else in the organisation can see who has provided any particular answer or feedback. In smaller teams, responses are aggregated so individuals cannot be identified.

If it’s anonymous, how do I get sent reminders to complete the survey?

There’s an important distinction between you being anonymous to Peakon (the system) and your feedback being anonymous to your company. Peakon tracks each individuals’ response status to a survey – in order to know if they should be reminded about unanswered questions – but this information is not visible to anyone in your company. Whether you have responded to the survey is never revealed to your managers.

We take confidentiality extremely seriously at Peakon – whenever you have questions please feel free to contact us.

Why does Peakon use my name in emails, is that anonymous?

Peakon uses your name in emails addressed to you to show that each survey link is personal to the employee. This is to ensure that employees do not forward their survey link to another employee, who may complete it on their behalf by mistake. The emails are generated automatically based on your employee record on Peakon, and your company will never see your name attached to any of your comments or scores.

When will our management see the answers I give?

The feedback you provide is anonymised and then instantly visible to management on their Peakon dashboards, as long as the dashboard meets the minimum data anonymity requirements set by your company. This makes Peakon a great way to give your view on what’s happening right now – whether that’s to praise something or raise an issue you need resolving.

Answering the survey

What if I don’t know how to answer one of the questions?

If you cannot answer (for example, if you don’t understand a question) please simply skip the question rather than giving an arbitrary score. Random scores can create a false impression of how a whole group of people are feeling – so it’s best to not answer, and if you like, let us know.

If you change your mind, you can also unskip the question either by clicking on 'Cancel skip'. To unskip a previous question, either click Previous question at the top of the survey and then cancel the skip, or use the question bar on the right side to return to the question and then cancel the skip.

Can I edit my answers if I change my mind?

Before you have submitted the survey you can simply use the upward arrow key on your keyboard to go back and revise any answer.

If you have submitted the survey there may be a chance to make revision by contacting us and asking for the survey to be sent again. However, If the survey round has closed it will not be possible. It’s best then, to ask as soon as possible. By doing this you will need to answer all the questions again, so this is an option to use only if you feel very strongly that you need to make changes.

What if I leave the page without answering all the questions, will they be saved for when I come back?

If you return to the page in the same browser and on the same device, the answers you’ve given – but not submitted – will be saved for you. If answering through the Peakon iOS app, the app will also save answers until they’re submitted.

If you are taking the survey via Kiosk, it will timeout after 5 minutes or 4 hours (depending on the survey configuration) if there is no user interaction - mouse move, keyboard press, scrolling, touch. Before the session actually times out, the system shows an overlay saying that it will redirect after 10 seconds, displaying the option to continue the survey.

Why do I have to log in when answering a survey on Kiosk mode?

When answering your survey using kiosk mode, you will be asked to login to the survey using either a unique code or your employee ID and first name. Your scores and comments remain anonymous but a login is needed to ensure that the same survey cannot be answered twice by the same employee, and to measure the overall survey participation rate for each survey round. 

Managers are not able to see which employees have answered or not, they will just see the percentage of employees who have answered. 

My company has activated the personal dashboard, how do I access this outside of a survey?

If your company has enabled the personal dashboard, you can access it at any point through this link:

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