It is possible for employees to receive the survey through various channels, depending on what is most appropriate in your organisation: 

The survey channel is the means of communicating the personal survey link or kiosk code to every single employee, so that they are able to complete their survey. Regardless of the survey channel, once the employee has this information, they can complete their survey on any device. 

It is possible to use different survey channels for different groups of employees in your organisation. Each survey channel differs slightly to the rest:


Email is the recommended survey distribution method. As long as an employee has an email address on their employee record, the system will send them the survey via email, in addition to any other channel. 

Email sendout can be disabled on a per-schedule basis, even for employees with an email address on their employee record. This can be useful when you would prefer them to receive the link via Slack or SMS only, as an example.

It is possible for employees to unsubscribe to emails by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. This will skip email notifications for them from that moment onwards. 

Find more information about email here.


This can be used on its own or in addition to another survey channel. To open the survey URL through an SMS, the recipient needs to have a smartphone. SMS delivery rates may vary. 

Find more information about SMS here.


Kiosk mode is ideal in surveying employees that do not have an email address or a phone number on their employee record. Employees login to the Peakon survey on a communal tablet or computer using a code or login that is unique to them.

Find more information about kiosk mode here.


Peakon can be integrated with Slack to notify employees whenever there is a new survey round or a reminder. This integration works when the email address on the employee record is the same as the email address associated with the employee's Slack account. 

This channel is great for organisations that rely on Slack for all major communications. It is also possible to enable Slack and disable email sendout, so that Slack is the only channel for communicating the Peakon survey.

Find more information about the Slack integration here.

Mobile app

Employees using the iOS mobile app will receive push notifications (when enabled), whenever there is a new round present, and they can complete it within the app. Furthermore, when opening the survey link from any channel on your mobile device, it will automatically redirect to the app.

To login to the app, the employee must use the same email address as the one on their employee record.

Find more information about the iOS mobile app here.

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