Before launching your survey, make sure to allow emails from Peakon and allow for your network to access the Peakon services. 

Sending out a test survey round to employees is a good idea to confirm that the survey process works as expected. 

Sending a test round

1. Click Administration in the left menu, and then choose the Schedules option
2. Select a survey schedule by clicking on the green View icon
3. Set up the survey details under the tabs, but do not set the survey send out date
4. Click the Send test round icon at the top right of your screen

5. Select individual employees or a whole segment to add to the test round
6. Click on the Send test questions icon

Once the test round has been sent, the employees will receive the survey via email or SMS containing the survey. If kiosk has been set up, also kiosk employees will be able to participate.

How long is a test round open for?

Test rounds soft close instantly meaning that they are only open for two weeks from the day the test is sent.

Viewing test round data

Once you have launched your regular survey, you will still be able to switch between the regular and test survey results. 

  1. In the left menu, click into the context selector and select the settings option
  2. Check the box for Only test data to show the test survey results
  3. A yellow banner at the top of the page will indicate that you are viewing test results
  4. To switch back to the regular survey results, click on the Show company data link in the yellow banner

It is possible to restrict who has access to view test data in Access Control, under the Access Statistics section.

It is also possible to view your test round activity in Schedules by going into Administration > Schedules > Activity > Include test rounds.

Best practices 

Test results will be subject to the same data aggregation settings as the real survey. Depending on how large a test group you would like to include in a test round, take into consideration the following: 

  • Include in the test round enough employees for a dashboard to populate with scores
  • The test group should be asked to open the survey on both the web and on mobile to ensure the survey and logo are rendering correctly
  • If running the survey in multiple languages, including participants from each language group ensures that translations can be given a final check, which is useful if questions have been customised or custom questions have been added
  • If employees are geographically dispersed, involve employees from multiple offices in the test round to ensure that the survey is being delivered and the links in the survey email are working correctly
  • Involving members from the IT department in the test round is also good practice since they will be able to fix any network issues that may prevent the survey from being delivered and the links being accessed

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