Peakon's algorithm highlights the most important comments based on how relevant and actionable they are. By ranking these comments and marking them as Highlighted, managers are more easily able to work through a large volume of comments. 

How does it work?

The highlighted comments bring efficiency and focus to team feedback. Our intelligent algorithms increases the ranking of actionable feedback to each leader based on the combination of three factors:

  • Extreme scores (low or high) on the question the comment was left on 
  • Containing direct advice. These are prescriptive comments which Peakon can identify using text analytics algorithms. For example, comments containing the words “Should” and “could” would rank higher as these words are suggestive of a solution-oriented comment.
  • Comments containing around 140 characters typically make for more useful comments. Very short and long comments will have a lower ranking as they are tend to not be as solution-oriented.

In addition to the above three factors, older comments are less relevant than newer ones - which will only influence the ranking of comments coming from different feedback rounds. 

It's important to note that all comments from each round are still in your feed and you can always go through them one by one and use the filter and sorting options.

Using highlighted comments

The highlighted comments appear on the top of the feed within the comment section and are marked as Highlighted.

The reason why the comment is being highlighted can also be seen by hovering over the Highlighted icon. This allows you to see whether the comment has been highlighted because of an extreme score or whether it's solution-oriented, or both.

Are comments from all languages included in Highlighted comments?

Currently, Highlighted comments where the solution-oriented words are detected is only available in English. This means that your dashboard language could be set to another language but the comments themselves would need to be in English for solution-oriented comments to be Highlighted. Comments in any other supported language can still be highlighted if they are new, have receive an extreme score, or meet the ideal comment length in number of characters.

Enabling highlighted comments

Highlighted comments are currently available to customers on Peakon's Premier tier. However, they can be included as an add-on for any tier. Please get  in touch with us on if you would like to know more about Highlighted comments.

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