Soft close

On Peakon, there are two options for closing survey rounds. By default, each survey round will be closed with what is considered a soft close. This means that although the survey round is closed, employees are still able to submit late responses for up to two weeks after the close date.

This ensures that employees are still afforded the opportunity to participate in the survey for up to two weeks after the close date.

Late responses will still appear on the dashboard and update the scores, however, they will not be taken into consideration for the calculation of strengths and priorities as these are calculated once the survey has closed which occurs at the end of the day.

No further automatic survey reminders are sent out during the two-week soft close window. It is not possible to force reminders from Peakon during the two week soft close period either.

It is also possible for kiosk users to submit late survey responses during the soft close period.   

Hard close

In instances where late survey responses should not be allowed, Peakon allows you to Hard close the survey round. This means that no late answers will be accepted and the round is closed immediately. 

As the default is always a soft close, the hard close will need to be enabled by an administrator as outlined below once the survey has closed. It's not possible to configure Peakon to automatically hard close the survey:

  1. Click on Administration > Schedule option in the left menu.
  2. Select the "Activity" tab at the top of your screen.
  3. The hard close option will be shown beside any closed survey for two weeks after the close date. Clicking on the "Hard close" option will close the survey completely to prevent any late responses from being submitted.

Extending the survey close date

Extending the survey close date is only possible while the survey is open or before it has launched. Once the survey is closed, strengths and priorities are calculated and the soft close window begins meaning that it's no longer possible to extend the close date.

To extend the close date while the survey is still open:

  1. Click on the schedules option in the left menu
  2. Select the relevant survey by clicking on the green "View" icon to open up the survey settings
  3. Under the "Schedules" tab, you will see an override option in the current round section where you can extend the close date

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