As an administrator of your company’s Peakon account, you are able to connect Peakon to Hibob. This will allow for automatic syncing of your employee data between Hibob and Peakon, meaning your employee list stays up-to-date. Any employee updates made on Hibob will be synced over to Peakon automatically. 

Prior to connecting your Hibob, please let your Customer Success Manager know that you would like to utilise the integration and they will enable this feature for your Peakon account. You can also write to to get this feature enabled.

Once you receive confirmation that the feature is enabled, you will need to do the following:

On Hibob

  1. Log into Hibob and click on your profile name at the top right of your screen and then select “API ACCESS” to generate a token, which you’ll need in the next step
  2. Under "APPROVED SCOPES" check the "Full employee read" and "Employee fields read"  box

On Peakon

  1. Log into Peakon and click on Administration > Integrations option in the left menu, select Bob, and click on "Connect". You’ll then see an “Access token” box
  2. Add the token from Hibob into the “Access token” box
  3. Once you’ve done that, you will be in the overview page for the bob integration. Click on the “Settings” tab to configure the synchronization
  4. Click on the orange “Synchronize now” option. This will do a one-time sync only

Note: You will need to click the “Synchronize now” icon every time you'd like to sync Hibob with Peakon. Alternatively, you can set up automatic synchronisation by following the steps in the section below.

Setting up automatic synchronisation

To set up automatic syncing between Hibob and Peakon, you’ll need to get a webhook from Hibob, and enter it into the “Hook secret” box under the “Real-time updates” section of the settings page (pictured above).

  1. On Hibob click on Integrations and on the Webhook API setup click "Add a new subscriber"
  2. Fill in the name, and the URL obtained from the integration page in Peakon. It will be unique to your company.
  3. Tick all boxes, except for the Table Entry options
  4. Once you have received the webhook, add the webhook to the “Hook secret” box on Peakon

What will be synced?

The following fields will be synced automatically when available on both Peakon and Hibob.

Syncing Custom fields

Any custom fields on Hibob will be synced to Peakon where the attribute name on Peakon matches the field name on Hibob and the types of data is compatible.

Deletion of employees

When an employee is removed from Hibob, they will also be removed from Peakon via the sync.

Using the Separation date, Separation reason, and Tenure attributes

It's possible to automatically sync the the data from Hibob to populate these attributes on Peakon. When an employee record is added to Hibob with a hire date set in the future, the employee record will be created on Peakon but the employee will not receive any surveys until the hire date is reached.

Similarly, when an employee is marked as leaving or left on Hibob, the employee's Separation date and Separation reason attributes on Peakon will be set. Once the separation date has passed the employee will no longer receive any surveys. 

To take advantage of using these attributes, please refer to our Marking users as leavers help centre article.

Article: Marking users as leavers

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