On Peakon, you’ll find all your available resources to improve your driver scores, create action plans, and learn more about how specific drivers influence engagement and what you as a manager can do to help cultivate a positive experience for your team.

When viewing your dashboard, Peakon recommends clicking into the drivers that have been marked as a priority. This will open up the dashboard for these specific drivers. 

Read the comments associated with the driver, along with any highlighted segments to help you understand how certain groups of employees are feeling toward the driver.

Click on the “Improve” tab at the top of your screen will open up the driver’s Improve area. The “Improve” tab contains all the resources available from Peakon to help you improve the driver score. These resources are contextual to the driver dashboard and consists of:

  • A summary of why the driver has been marked as a priority to provide an understanding of its impact on your team’s engagement
  • Peakon’s suggested actions. These are driver-specific and can help leaders understand the types of activities that have a positive impact on a team’s engagement. 
  • A list of resources curated by Peakon’s Organizational Development team. These are obtained from respected sources such as the Harvard Business Review and Tedex. The content is an assortment of quick reads and videos that leaders can easily relate to when looking to improve certain drivers of engagement.
  • Training courses (Premier plan) these are short interactive courses, each containing a couple of lessons designed to improve leadership skills associated with each driver of engagement.

Start by reading the summary of why the driver has been marked as a priority. We then recommend taking a look at Peakon’s suggested actions to see whether they align with what your employees have been saying in their comments. Add a couple of actions, these should be both short-term and long-term actions allowing you to begin making improvements based on your team’s feedback. 

We also recommend reading through some of the resources that are related to improving the driver. These are quick reads and will give you a better understanding of the theory behind the driver and how it relates to your team’s engagement in their everyday work, and crucially, what you as a manager can do to have a positive impact. 

Training courses are another great way of gaining an understanding of the leadership skills associated with each driver of engagement. These courses are short and interactive with each lesson taking around 5 minutes to complete.

Clicking on the “Improve” icon in the left menu will take you to all the available resources for all drivers. 

Peakon will automatically show you content based on your priorities. We recommend adding a couple of actions for each priority and reading through the recommended resources related to these drivers marked as priorities.

You can also use the filters at the top of the page if you are looking to focus on a particular driver. Use the “Content type” filter to on actions or resources. You can also use the “Driver of engagement” to filter by specific drivers.

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