This article covers the following:

  • How to add an image to your survey
  • How to apply segment branding to your survey when surveying employees in multiple entities or brands

Adding a survey brand logo to your surveys 

As an admin, you can now add a Survey Brand Logo in addition to your company logo. The Survey brand logo will be shown on the first page of the survey and in all survey related emails. 

A survey brand logo makes it easier to socialize and brand your company surveys in the communication Peakon sends to employees on your behalf.

A survey brand is connected to each schedule so if you have multiple schedules you will need to add it to each of them.

  1. Click Administration in the left menu and select Schedules
  2. Select the schedule where you would like to add custom survey branding by clicking on the green View and then selecting the Branding tab
  3. Click on the Upload survey branding option
  4. You can upload your survey branding as a PNG or JPG file. Please use a 16:9 aspect ratio for best results. 
  5. Click on the Preview survey option at the top right of your screen to ensure that your survey branding image is showing up as expected. 

Segment Branding

Segment branding is a good option for organisations with multiple entities or brands that each have their own unique name and logo. Applying branding to these entity segments ensures that the company name on survey questions and emails is replaced by the segment name. When also adding logos to the entity segments, these will appear on the survey and email, providing employees with a more localized survey experience. 

How to add segment branding

1. Navigate to the attribute page and select the attribute that best represents your entities.
2. Click on the Edit attribute option and scroll to the bottom of the slide-out panel.
3. Toggle on the switch in the Branded segments section

4. Click on the Edit segment option next to each segment, and scrolling down to the Segment logo section, and add the correct logo to each segment

The branding will now appear automatically on the Company survey schedule.

The segment name will now replace the company name on survey questions and in emails. Where logos have also been attached to segments, these will also be shown on surveys and emails of those employees in the segment. 

Multiple survey schedules and survey branding

When running separate surveys targeted to individual entities or brands, enable segment branding on the attribute following the same instructions as above. 

Navigate to the survey schedule and then select the “Branding” tab to turn on the branding.

Previewing the branded survey

  1. Navigate to the company schedule and select preview survey and then select the Preview survey option
  2. Select the Custom preview option
  3. Select the attribute and segment that branding was enabled on

Article: Setting up attributes and segments

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