This article will cover:

  • Branding background
  • Segment branding (Business tier)
  • Survey branding (Premier tier)
  • Fallback logic
  • Previewing branding


Branding your survey makes it instantly recognisable to your employees. Branding not only refers to the company name and logo, which come by default, but also the ability to override the survey name and survey logo.

Let's take an example where a company named Kinetar has named their survey YourVoice. They can use this name to communicate with their employees, helping their employees recognise this survey when it lands in their email inbox.

The branding will also appear in the survey, alongside company logo:

Organisations that are made up of multiple companies or entities can not only automate the survey to use the correct company name and logo for each entity, but also display their custom survey name and survey logo for each of these different areas.

This article will cover two aspects of branding: segment branding and survey branding (Premier tier).

  • Segment branding relates to the segment name and logo overriding the company name and logo
  • Survey branding (Premier tier) relates to overriding the default survey name and survey logo

Segment branding (Business tier)

Segment branding is a good option for organisations with multiple entities or brands that each have their own unique name and logo. Applying branding to these entity segments ensures that the company name on survey questions and emails is replaced by the segment name, providing employees with a more localised survey experience.

How to add segment branding

  1. Go to Administration > Attributes
  2. Select the attribute that best represents your entities
  3. Click on the Edit attribute option and expand the Advanced settings
  4. Toggle on the Segment branding switch
  1. Click on the Edit segment option next to each segment
  2. Expand the Advanced settings
  3. Add the correct logo to within the Segment logo section

The branding will now appear automatically on the Company survey schedule. When running separate surveys targeted to individual entities or brands, enable custom survey branding following the instructions in the next section.

Note: when using segment branding, if a segment logo is not provided, the survey email will be branded with an auto-generated abbreviation of the segment name.

Survey branding (Premier tier)

A survey brand logo and name makes it easier to recognise and brand your company surveys in the communication Peakon sends to employees on your behalf. The Survey brand logo/name will be shown on survey related emails, and the survey logo will be visible on the first page of the survey.

When overriding the survey name, it partly works as a subject line prefix and replaces all occurrences of the word "Peakon" in subject lines.

Branding is done independently of your schedules, and administrators can access the branding settings through Administration > Branding.

There will be a default Company branding item that will allow you to customise the survey name and the survey logo for the overall company, and you can add custom branding for different segments in order to override the company branding for employees of those segments.

  1. Click on the Edit segment option next to each segment
  2. Expand the Advanced settings
  3. Add the correct logo to within the Segment logo section

How to add survey branding

  1. Go to Administration > Branding
  2. Click on Add branding and choose the segment you would like to brand
  3. Once created, go into the Branding tab to choose whether the segment should use company branding or target branding, if the segment's name and logo should override the company name and logo
  4. To also add custom survey branding for employees of this segment, click the Engage tab and add a survey brand logo to appear alongside the existing branding. You can upload your survey logo as a PNG or JPG file. Use a 16:9 aspect ratio for best results.

Fallback logic

Sometimes when a certain piece of information is missing from branding, the system will use fallback logic, when deciding what branding to use on the relevant segments.

Here are different ways the feature can be used and their fallbacks (if any). We begin with the overall configuration of this company. Each new scenario builds up on the previous scenarios within the same company.

Overall configuration

A company named Kinetar has created a custom survey logo, and named their survey YourVoice. To reflect this, in the company branding section, the ‘override name’ setting has been used, in order for emails to show the survey name YourVoice.

As a result, the survey and survey emails will have both the Kinetar company logo and the YourVoice survey logo. The subject line of emails will have a YourVoice prefix and occurrences of "Peakon" will be replaced with YourVoice.

Scenario 1: No missing information

Within Kinetar, the Marketing business unit works quite separately to the rest of the company, so the administrator creates a separate schedule for this area. They have decided to create their own survey logo and they have given their survey the name HaveYourSay. They still want the Kinetar company logo and company name in questions, but would like to use their own survey branding.

The administrator creates a separate branding item for Marketing, and adds the Marketing survey logo and name to this item. The branding is still set to ‘Company branding’ in order to maintain the Kinetar logo.

Employees from the Marketing business unit will see:

  • The Kinetar company logo
  • The HaveYourSay survey logo instead of the YourVoice logo
  • Emails will be prefixed with HaveYourSay instead of YourVoice

Scenario 2: Missing survey logo and name on branding item

Kinetar has recently acquired a company called Oscorp that will continue operating under this name. Employees of this company will need to see their own company logo and name in the questions, instead of “How likely is it you would recommend Kinetar as a place to work?”.

The administrator first adds a logo to the Oscorp segment in the attributes section. Once done, a branding item for this segment is created, and ‘Target branding’ is chosen, in order for the logo and the segment name to act as the company logo and name for employees of this segment. The administrator does not add a survey logo and does not override the survey name for this company.

Employees from the Oscorp company will see:

  • Their Oscorp logo as company logo
  • Oscorp will replace Kinetar in questions and emails
  • Since no survey branding has been added for Oscorp, the fallback logic will refer to company branding and use the YourVoice logo and prefix in emails

Scenario 3: Missing logo on attribute

Kinetar has another entity called Acme that would like to explore survey branding options.

The administrator of Kinetar adds a branding item for Acme, but does not add a logo to the Acme segment in the attributes page.

In the branding item, they have selected ‘Target branding’ and left survey branding blank, with no survey logo or name. As there is no information to go on, there will be two fallbacks here.

Employees from the Acme will see:

  • Due to no segment logo, the system will default back to the Kinetar logo and Kinetar company name
  • Due to no survey branding added, it will default to the company branding and use the YourVoice survey logo and prefix in emails

Scenario 4: Segment branding enabled on attribute

With the same settings as in Scenario 3, the administrator goes into the attributes page, and enables Segment Branding within the Entity attribute itself, where Acme lies as a segment.

Now employees from this segment will see:

  • The Acme name as the ‘company’ name in the survey and its questions
  • As there is no logo attached to the Acme segment, it will not show a company logo on the survey, but will show an auto-abbreviation of the segment name in the email
  • As the survey branding ‘fall back’ is still active, the survey will show YourVoice branding and YourVoice prefix in emails

Previewing the branded survey and email

To preview the branded survey:

  1. Go to Administration > Schedules > View
  2. Click the Preview survey button in the top right corner
  3. Click on Preview survey or Custom preview when previewing a different segment than the survey target

To preview the branded email:

  1. Go to Administration > Schedules > View
  2. Click the Email tab
  3. Scroll down and click the Preview email button

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