The context selector is located in the left menu. It allows you to do two things: 

  • View the current context of your dashboard
  • Search segments to change the context of your dashboard

Typically when a manager logs into Peakon they will see their team dashboard by default. This is because Peakon by default shows their dashboard in this context. 

However, sometimes these managers also have managers reporting into them who each have their own team dashboards. In such cases, it's possible to switch between the context of your "Direct reports" or "All reports" to view the aggregated scores of either sets of employees.

To view the dashboard of a particular manager or segment, you'd need to change the context of your dashboard to that of the manager reporting into you or the segment you'd like to view.

  1. Click on the segment selector in the left menu
  2. Type in the name of a segment or manager
  3. Choosing the name or segment from the search results 

In doing so, the context will be changed to that manager's dashboard or segment, meaning you're able to see the dashboard in the same way as the manager reporting in to you does, or if it's a segment, you'll see all the results for that particular segment.

When viewing a dashboard that's been set to a particular context, such as a manager or a segment, Peakon will only show data within that particular context. This means that you can see all the comments, actions, topics, strengths and priorities, and highlighted segments for that particular context.


  • A dashboard is created for each manager segment that is populated with data. Therefore it's usually easier to search and find manager names if these managers are reporting into you.
  • If you have been added as a manager to a segment, then you have access to the entire segment's data and will therefore be able to search this segment in the left menu.
  • Segments will only show up in the search when you have access to the entire segment data set. For example, a manager of a Sales Team could have access to their team dashboard, their direct reports dashboard along with any manager in the Sales team reporting into them (if they also manage managers). They could also have access to search and view their dashboard in the context of the Sales Team segment. But they would not be able to change the context or click "view as this segment" on the "Males" segment, unless they happen to manage all the males in the company or if they've been added as a manager to the "Males" segment.

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