Open-ended questions are a great way to gather and address questions from your employees in a Q&A dialog during company-wide meetings.

For example, having one open-ended question that asks employees what they would like to ask a senior member of the leadership team. The question could be similar to this:

"What would you like to ask [CEO's name] in the next [company-wide meeting name]?"

Employees have an opportunity to ask any burning questions they may have. Leadership can then incorporate into the regular company-wide meetings a short Q&A session that addresses some of these questions.

Picking a broad range of questions to address in the Q&A is preferable as it allows leadership to directly address any concerns and thereby deflect any rumors, while also keeping it a bit light. Employees are often curious to get into the mind of the leadership so the type of questions asked will reflect both the current and future state of business. Employees will also tend to ask more general questions of what it's like to be a leader, what inspires them, what are their thoughts on current affairs that could impact the business etc.

When adding an open-ended question, be sure to select a question frequency that is compatible with your survey frequency. 

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