There are a few ways of viewing old data on Peakon:

  • Take your entire dashboard back in time using the View previous round option
  • View the Score over time graphs available on every dashboard for trends
  • Compare current scores to past scores using the Difference to round option in the segment heatmap

View previous round

All users with access to log into their dashboard can view their dashboard results from a particular point in time. 

To switch to a previous round, click on your context switcher, expand the Settings menu and select View previous round. You can then choose a specific previous rounds to view.

When a previous round is selected, the results, as they were at the end of that round, are shown across the dashboard. In this view, it is possible to export the PowerPoint presentation, view segment and driver pages, see scores and comments (including topics), use the segment heatmap and the Experience cycle from that particular point in time. Users who manage different segments will be able to switch their context, while staying in the previous round view.

Past dashboards will be shown using your current data aggregation settings.

The following features and pages will not adapt to a historical point in time, when using this feature:

  • Priorities and strengths
  • Shared dashboard
  • Action planning
  • Improve section
  • Administration settings

Score over time graphs

Viewing scores over time can be done by expanding the graph at the top of the dashboard. The graph is available on all driver and segment dashboards. It will show the aggregated score, benchmark and NPS distribution at the time. 

Once expanded, it's possible to select a timeframe on the right and any related sub-drivers (when viewing a driver dashboard) to give a full picture of how a particular driver or segment is performing over time.

Comparing difference to round

When viewing segment scores in the heatmap, it's possible to view the difference in score to the previous round or to the first round, to help understand how the score is trending. 

Once you're in the heatmap, click on the Score filter, select the Diff. to round option and choose a specific survey round that you would like to compare with.

Downloading the PowerPoint presentation

Another option is to make use of the downloadable presentations. These contain a summary of the dashboard scores, highlighted segments, strengths and priorities, and topics.

It's also possible to download presentations from previous rounds without the priorities and strengths, so if you would like to keep a record of these, we recommend making a habit of always downloading any new presentations once a survey round has closed, so that you have these saved for future reference.

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