It's often useful to create an attribute on Peakon for the purpose of segmenting managers and non-managers. This will allow you to gain insights into what is motivating your organisation's people leaders and learning what challenges they face to better support them. 

As an administrator, this will involve creating a new attribute, and adding the relevant segments. Finally, you will need to update your existing users to populate the new attribute.

Step 1. Creating the new attribute and segments

  1. Click on Administration, and then Attributes
  2. Click the Add attribute button, add an option type attribute, give it a name and save the changes
  3. Add the relevant segments, for example "Manager" and "Non people manager"

Step 2. Populating the segments

The quickest way to initially populate the segments is to do so from the employee overview. as instructed below. 

Going forward, you can populate the segments via a CSV file upload the same way as all other segments are populated or via an HRIS integration.

  1. Click on Administration, and then Employees
  2. Using the Employee Role filter, filter by Manager to get a list of all your people managers
  3. Select all employee records in the filtered list and click on the green Edit icon
  4. Update the value on the employee records for the newly created attribute and backdate if required
  5. Repeat the same steps to populate the "Non people manager" segment by filtering by Employees on the Employee Role filter

Step 3. Viewing the segments

It's now possible to view the engagement scores of these segments the same way as you would any other segment. When a new survey round closes, strengths and priorities will also be calculated for these segments allowing you to focus on your people managers to better support them in their role.

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