The Peakon app is an alternative way to answer survey questions. Once installed, you will receive app notifications whenever there is a new survey to answer. 

The app requires an email address to log in - this would need to be the same email address that's used on your employee record stored on Peakon (which is usually your company email address). 

When clicking on a link from an email to answer the survey, the app will open up automatically.

It is possible to login even when there is no active survey. The app will tell the employee that there is currently no survey and allow them to receive a push notification when the survey starts.

In order to answer a survey the device must have a valid internet connection i.e. 3/4G or connected to wifi.

Installing the app

  1. To get started, install the Peakon app from the App Store
  2. Once you have installed the app, enter your company email address
  3. If you are not a manager and only use the app to answer surveys, we recommend using the magic link to log in

Once you have completed the above steps, you will receive an app notification whenever there are new questions to answer. 

If you are a manager and use the mobile app to view your dashboard on the go, you will see a banner at the top of your mobile dashboard, whenever there is a new survey available. Similarly, if you are a survey participant with access to your personal dashboard, within the app you will see a banner indicating when a new survey has become available.


The Peakon app for iOS will respect the device language configured globally in the Settings app, as long as it is one of the languages supported natively by the app (see App Store for full list of supported languages). If the current device language is not supported, the app will default to use English as the interface language. 

One exception to the above is the survey language. If a specific survey language has been configured by your company’s Peakon administrator, it will override the device language when answering the survey using the app. If the device is running iOS13 or later, the device language can be overridden for the Peakon app inside iOS System Settings.

Survey timezone

The survey will become available in the app as soon as the round starts, but the employee will only be notified through a push notification (if enabled) at the same time when they receive their survey email. 


Answers to a survey are not be stored in the iOS app if the app itself is closed. When trying to close the survey interface within the app, the app shows a warning, but if you exit the app it will not show the warning.

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