New Releases

  • Release of the new version of Employee Editable Attributes, available on the Business plan. Editable attributes can be used to either collect or validate demographic data from individual employees directly at the start of the survey.
  • Comment anonymity improvements:

                 - New comment visibility setting on the account set up: ability to date                                stamp comments with the exact date a comment was made or show the                        end of round date associated with a comment.
                 - New "view comments by segment" access control setting: ability to                                prevent a manager from viewing comments when filtering by segments.
                 - Randomization of the display order of comments on the dashboard.

  • Invitation emails redesigned to align to the new digest emails
  • More detailed benchmark selections - it is now possible to benchmark a company against a percentile of industry benchmarks. (e.g. top 10% of technology companies) 
  • Anonymity conflict dashboard message - It is now clearly stated within the dashboard which segments block the visibility of another segment’s data when the difference anonymity setting comes into play.
  • We now support using employee number for Single Sign-On in addition to email address


  • Added support for Swedish sensitive comments & upgraded the default sensitive keyword list
  • General fixes and improvements 
  • Translation adjustments
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