New Releases

  • Import/export capability of segment managers added to the Attributes page. This allows admins to bulk assign managers to segments via an excel upload.
  • New Featured Micro-Course in the Improve area to showcase one course per week for a priority driver. This drives to highlight important micro-courses to be completed by managers, as well as encouraging action planning.
  • New language selector on the employee shareable dashboard. This allows employees to view the shareable dashboard in the language of their choice.
  • Additional filtering options in the ‘My Team’s Actions’ section to add the ability to filter on managers that are above the anonymity threshold and have access to the action planning functionality.
  • New illustrations added to the Micro-Courses in the Improve area.


  • Removal of the user limit for employees created via the Hibob and Bamboo HR integrations
  • Change made to only allow non-user editable attributes from being used to set-up an access control group
  • Translation adjustments
  • General fixes and improvements
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