Installing the app

You can install the Peakon Employee Engagement iOS app on the App Store by searching for Peakon, or by clicking on the direct link here

This is an update to the existing Peakon app, which was previously only used for answering surveys. You can read more about the features of the new version of the app here. Users who already have this app will only need to update it. 

Logging into the app

To login to the app, begin by entering your email address. You will then be able to login either through entering your password or through the magic link sent to your email address. Users from companies that use single sign-on can also login using this method. After entering their email address and continuing, they will be redirected to the single sign on page.

If you are not a manager and only use the app to answer surveys, we recommend using the magic link to log in.

Troubleshooting common issues

The app says my email doesn't exist

It will only be possible to log in using an email address that has been added to Peakon. If no match is found, it will not be possible to proceed. 

Please be sure to check for common errors, such as typos, in your email address. If you are still unable to log in, contact your local Human Resources team to make sure your email address is added to your employee record on Peakon.

When I login, it redirects me to my Peakon survey

This means that you have not been set up as a manager in the system. Please reach out to your HR team to get your account amended with the appropriate permissions.

I am having trouble logging in using my Google single sign on

Make sure that you open Safari and log into the correct Google account, by opening the Google page from within Safari and making sure to select your corporate Google account before logging in. Then revert back to the app and try again.

Contacting support

If you need any assistance with your mobile app, please reach out to us on Make sure to include any relevant screenshots, and as much information as possible, to help us troubleshoot.

Note: the Peakon app is currently only available in iOS. For all other users, it is also possible to access Peakon via your mobile browser.

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