It is possible to have more than one system administrator on Peakon. Typically, the first user of the account automatically becomes the admin, and all following admins need to be added to the Administrator group manually.

All Peakon access control groups fall into one of the two categories:

  • Access to all employees
  • Access only to employees managed by members of the group

The Administrator group falls into the first category. This means that users added to this group automatically get granted access to the entire company account, with all permissions turned on by default.

How to add a new administrator

Before you begin, make sure the future admin has first been added as an employee to your Peakon account. Once this has been done, you will need to:

  1. Go to Administration > Access Control
  2. Choose the Administrators group and scroll down until the Add people button
  3. Select the admin from the list of employees and confirm selection by clicking the Add button

This employee is now a system administrator, and has automatically been sent a notification email prompting them to log into their account.

Peakon's recommendation

Our recommendation is to keep the amount of admins to a minimum, for security reasons. There are two other default groups with access to all employees, which can be used for "limited" admin access by managing the permissions separately. These are the Human Resources and Senior Leaders group. 

If the user only needs access to a specific area within the business, as opposed to all employees, please follow this guide instead.

Peakon's Business and Premier customers are also able to add and manage their own custom access control groups. We find that complex organisations tend to create a local admin access control group, where members can act as admins within their assigned area only. 

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