It is possible to configure your schedule in a way that accommodates the send-out of survey emails in different time zones.

The schedule will recognise 4 different time zone options:

  • Company time zone
  • Employee time zone
  • Schedule time zone 
  • UTC time zone

When sending out survey emails, all survey schedules will default to the company time zone. 

If there are geographically dispersed employees, their time zones should be set on the employee record.

If there are geographically dispersed employees that are 8 hours ahead of the company time zone, and it is important for them to receive their survey at 09:00 their local time, a separate survey schedule could be created for them and the schedule time zone should be set to the most eastern time for those employees. The rest of the company should remain on the company schedule.

In a nutshell, all Peakon customers should have a company time zone set, whereas the other options depend on the employee locations and requirements. If no time zones are set, the system will default to the UTC time zone for the first round, and detect each employees local time zone in order to send the survey email at their local time zone for the following survey rounds.

When to enable schedule specific schedules?

In most cases, it is not necessary to set a schedule time zone; the company time zone and the employee time zone will suffice. 

Use the below flowchart as a guide to take you through the necessary steps for your organisation:

Setting up time zones

Company time zone

The company time zone should be the HQ location and will serve as the main company time zone. To set up the company time zone:

  1. Go to Administration > Account
  2. Choose the time zone from the drop down menu and save changes

Schedule time zone

Schedule time zone is set on each schedule separately, and will only apply to the relevant schedule. A separate schedule for a time zone should only be created when it is 8 hours ahead of the company time zone. To set the schedule time zone:

  1. Go to Administration > Schedules
  2. Pick the relevant schedule by clicking View
  3. Click the Survey settings tab 
  4. Select the time zone and save changes

It is possible to combine multiple locations under one schedule, as long as the most eastern time is used as the schedule time zone. Doing so ensures that the other locations within the schedule are behind that time zone rather than ahead, and therefore will receive the survey email at their local 09:00. For example, if the schedule covers Tokyo and Auckland, Auckland would be the most eastern time zone of the two, so Auckland time should be used as the schedule time zone. 

Once this is saved, you will see a yellow banner on the main page of your schedule:

Employee time zone

Employee time zones are set on the employee record. You can do this manually or via CSV


The time zone aware configuration only impacts the survey email and reminder emails. 

Article: Setting the time zone and language fields on employee records via CSV file

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