As a minimum, all survey comments and scores are anonymised to protect employee identity. Peakon also provides a range of features and settings designed to protect employee anonymity while simultaneously providing the level of insight required when analysing survey results. 

These settings are configured by account admins based on the company needs and levels of access required. 

Anonymity settings

  • Minimum segment size: controls the minimum number of responses required to breakout a segment for comparison
  • Comment anonymity level: controls the minimum number of employees a survey is sent to before displaying comments
  • Automatic comment shuffling: prevents comments from a single survey submission being grouped and displayed together on a manager dashboard
  • Comment date visibility: the date shown on comments as either the comment date or survey round end date 
  • Restricted attributes: controls who can see aggregated segment scores from restricted attributes on the dashboard and/or attribute values on individual employee records
  • User-editable attributes: allows employees to provide or validate demographic data directly at the start of the survey. Customers with the Peakon Include add-on have a consent option that can be enabled for collecting sensitive data 

Access control permissions

  • Access control permissions: control the permissions and available features that different types of users can have when using Peakon
  • Comment filtering by segment: controls whether comments can be filtered by specific segments or not. When turned off it is more difficult to infer who left a specific comment as it's not possible to filter comments by segment
  • View comment manager: ability to view the list of managers associated with a comment. Typically used for @mentioning relevant managers on comments that might require a follow-up
  • Access comments in real-time: controls whether comments become visible in real-time, or, if disabled, end of round

When answering the survey  

  • Survey participation is optional
  • Survey questions can be skipped
  • Leaving comments to questions is optional
  • Employees can unsubscribe from survey emails by clicking on the link at the bottom of the email
  • Various kiosk login options when answering the survey via kiosk mode - unique one-time kiosk codes, unique reusable kiosk codes, or employee name and number login option  

Emails from Peakon

  • Comment acknowledgements: when enabled, managers are able to acknowledge comments. Employees receive an email with a random delay containing the manager's name and acknowledgement
  • Comment conversations: when enabled, managers are able to reply to comments. Employees receive an email with a random delay containing the manager's reply and an option to reply back anonymously. The employee remains anonymous throughout the process. It is possible for administrators to remove the comment preview from the email in the Data Settings section on Peakon
  • Automatic reminder emails: Peakon tracks each individuals’ response status to a survey – in order to know if they should be reminded about unanswered questions – but this information is not visible to anyone in your company. Whether you have responded to the survey is never revealed to managers with dashboard access - see FAQs

Privacy policy
GDPR data privacy and information security at Peakon

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