New Releases

  • The heatmap has been enhanced to enable the comparison to any previous round. This will enable customers to compare their current scores to a former round that is most relevant for them. This can f.ex. be used to understand the change over the last 3 months or the last year.
  • Combination attributes can now be created with people attributes. This allows for automatic suggested segment hierarchies between employee-type attributes.
  • New setting allows admins to disable the email survey sendout. This gives admins better control over which channel employees should be notified via. A side affect of this change has been to move the Email Sender field out of the Email tab and into the Survey Settings tab.


  • New login page that is both beautiful and helpful, as users will be presented with inspiring content as they log-in.
  • Improved anonymity protection for comments and conversations
    1. Comment round anonymity level - This new setting specifies how many employees must have answered every round before any comments from the round is visible. This new setting will be available on a new tab under “Data settings”.
    2. Comment real-time visibility - A new access control setting has been added to enable or disable access to view comments from an open round.
    3. Improved anonymity protection for conversations - When a manager or an employee sends messages in a comment conversation, the notification emails/pushes will be randomly delayed between 3 and 15 minutes (interval may be changed in the future). This makes it harder to pinpoint who may be the sender, in a number of cases. This change also applies to when managers acknowledges comments.
  • Improvements to account security - Admins can now mandate multi-factor authentication for admins by disabling admin logins without SSO via an account setting
  • Other minor improvements to protect employee anonymity
  • General fixes & improvements
  • Translation adjustments
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