We strive to enable every manager in your organisation to action their team’s biggest concerns and greatest ideas. The Peakon usage dashboard, located in the Administration panel, will be your quickest way to understand how your managers are currently doing. 

Usage Metrics includes three usage metrics reports: 

  • Action plans - actions created, completed, in progress, and overdue for each manager (Business and Premier plan)
  • Comment interaction - acknowledgements & replies from each manager on comments
  • Dashboard activity - logins from each manager

Usage metrics provides senior leaders with an overview of the segments that they are responsible for. Through usage metrics, they will be able to:

  • Gain insights on how managers address feedback
  • Support managers using Peakon and help drive adoption
  • Identify future leaders and power users in the organisation
  • Compare activity and engagement

Understanding usage metrics

As with the rest of the dashboard, the information included in the usage metrics report is contextual and will therefore show the activity of managers based on the context view that you are in.

Within each tab, you can see the following information:

  1. The top right corner of the page displays the overall activity of managers within that particular context
  2. The first row of each table shows the overall activity of managers within that particular segment
  3. By clicking into each segment, you can see a breakdown of individual manager activity within that particular segment

It is possible to filter your manager metrics by different option type attributes and timeframes to segment your data. 

Now that the structure of the usage metrics report is clear, let’s take a closer look at each of the reports.

Action Plans

The action planning usage metrics report highlights how managers are using the Action Plan feature within Peakon (Business and Premier plan).

The table contains data on:

  • The number of actions created and completed within your selected timeframe window
  • The number of actions currently in progress and overdue
  • The dates of the most recent activity of managers: last action created and last action completed

Hitting the Export button within this tab will provide you with an export of the above details. The export will also have a separate tab with a list of all actions per manager, the action description, whether it's been completed and more.

Comment Interactions

The comment interaction usage report highlights how managers are using the acknowledgement and conversation features within Peakon.

The table contains data on:

  • The number of acknowledgments managers have given to employee comments
  • The number of unique replies to comments managers have participated in
  • The total comment interactions (sum of acknowledgments and conversations)

Dashboard Activity

The dashboard login usage metric highlights how often managers are logging into their Peakon dashboard.

The table contains data on:

  • The amount of active days in timeframe
  • The date of the latest manager login

Usage metrics access

It is possible to give access to this feature to any access control group. To do so, navigate to the access control group and toggle on the Usage Metrics access right. 

This will give the user access to the full metrics report for managers within the segments that the user is responsible for. It is not possible to customise the report based on the user's access to a functionality, so, for example, if a senior leader does not have access to comments, they will still be able to see the manager comment interaction report.


  • Metrics data will reflect the current situation of the organisation. If a manager moves from one segment to another, their usage metrics will "follow" them to their new segment.
  • Only active employee managers will appear in the usage metrics - not past managers or not employees who used to be managers. Once a manager leaves the organisation (they are marked as "left" or have been deleted), they will fall off the list.
  • Restricted attribute settings are respected on employee record level, but not on dashboard access level.
  • Only option type attributes are available for segmentation.
  • By getting access to usage metrics, you automatically see in which segments managers fall into. Users will get access to manager segment data for the managers that are visible from their context view. As an example, when viewing the Usage Metrics report by age group, users will see managers listed under this segment. Users will then know that Manager A is in the 30-35 year age group. Admins can set an attribute as restricted, which will prevent the ability to segment Usage Metrics by a certain attribute.

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