The Peakon driver page is found in the left sidebar, and provides an overview of all driver and sub-driver scores. 

Expanding each driver will reveal all of its sub-drivers, and clicking into each driver or sub-driver will open their respective dashboards.

To read more about Peakon's methodology, click here. To read more about driver priorities and strengths, click here

Using the driver page

The page automatically sorts all Peakon drivers and their scores by name. Here, it is possible to jump to a specific driver, and to change the order the drivers are sorted in. 

To reveal all sub-drivers instantly, click on the expand icon on the top right, or click on "show X sub-drivers" under your driver, to reveal sub-drivers for that driver only.

Viewing a driver's dashboard

Clicking on a driver or a sub-driver will open up its dashboard, where you can gain insight on its main score, comments and how the score varies between segments.

In the below examples, we will be looking at the Autonomy driver.

Viewing the driver score

At the top of your driver dashboard, you will see the main score for the driver you are viewing. You can expand this section to view any of its sub-drivers and their scores. It is also possible to see how the score for this driver has changed over time.

Viewing driver topics

Business tier customers, with drivers containing more than 200 comments, will be able to view comment topics. This gives insight into the general themes that have been discussed in comments relating to this driver. 

Viewing driver comments

Comments typically provide the most actionable feedback. Going into a driver's page allows you to view comments only relating to that driver. You can interact with the highlighted comments straight from the driver's dashboard, or go further to display all comments relating to this driver. 

Viewing scores by segment

Nearer to the bottom of the page, you will find the segment selector, which will allow you to see how different groups of employees score this driver. This is slightly different from the segment selector in the heatmap, as this only shows segment scores for the driver you are viewing. 

Using the Improve area

Once you have familiarised yourself with the driver results, you can use the Improve tab to view resources related to this driver. Premier tier customers will also see the micro-courses associated with this driver in the Improve area.

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