The Peakon iOS app enables managers to review and action their team’s feedback and improve their leadership skills anywhere, anytime. It also allows survey participants to complete their survey on the go. 

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Features overview

Insights home page

The home page of the app allows the manager to see the engagement score for the segment(s) they manage (swipe if there is more than one), view updates, as well as get notified about and access new surveys, when available. 


Clicking on segment card on the top of the home page will take you to the details page for the engagement score of that segment. Here you will find further information on the engagement and outcome scores, benchmark, driver scores and participation for that segment. Furthermore, any drivers identified as strengths or priorities will be shown under ‘key drivers of engagement’. Hit the ‘Show all drivers’ option to view the rest of your driver scores.

If you want to go deeper, you can click an outcome or driver score to go to the details page for that score and see more details, one of them being comments related to that score. For drivers, this is also the way to access sub-driver scores. 

In the top of a details page for engagement, outcome, driver and sub-driver scores, you can swipe left on the large ‘score and benchmark’ element to see the NPS distribution for that particular score.


Updates are curated from across all segments the user is managing. Clicking an update will take the user to the relevant information in the app. If there are updates related to features not available from the iOS app, it will be marked with a little (Safari browser) compass icon in the other right of the update. When clicking this update, a browser window will open on top of the app and take the user to the relevant feature on a mobile friendly page on the Peakon web app. Users may have to log in on the web app to get access.


Managers will be able to view, acknowledge or reply to comments on the go via the iOS app. This will allow them to provide feedback and start conversations with employees to get more insights. 

All comments can be accessed (and filtered on a number of parameters) via the comments menu button in the bottom main menu. Managers can also see scores related to a certain driver, sub-driver or outcome, directly from the corresponding insights details page. Finally, managers can get notified of and access new comments via the updates feed on the insights home page. For customers using the Translate option it is possible to translate comments that are not in the language of the manager's dashboard.

Managers can also see and write internal notes (including @mentioning) from comments in the app, if enabled on their Access Control group by the administrator.

For managers of multiple segments, it is possible to switch their context to another segment within the main comments page, as shown above.

Improve (Premier tier)

Premier tier customers will be able to complete Peakon micro courses on the go, under the Improve page.

These are short and interactive courses that take 10 to 15 minutes to complete, and they are a great way of understanding the skills associated with each driver of engagement. 

Actions (Business tier)

Customers on the Business or Premier plan will be able to create, update, archive and delete their actions on the go. It will allow managers to easily keep an eye on their actions, or add new actions when a good idea comes to mind, eg. during a meeting.

To manage your actions, click on the Action plan tab on the lower menu. Click the + button to add a new action. Just as with the desktop version of actions, you will be able to add a title, description, link it to a driver (optional), add a deadline, decide whether it should be visible on a shared dashboard and add a checklist. 

For best practices on action planning, see point 5 in this article.

Personal dashboard

Managers that have the personal dashboard enabled will be able to switch between their manager and personal dashboard within the app, through the top left menu that will be visible in those cases.

Receiving the survey

Once a survey becomes available for the manager to answer, they will see a banner at the top of the home page. Opening this will allow them to complete their survey directly within the app. When completed, the banner disappears.

Users without manager access

Survey participants without manager access will be redirected their personal dashboard, when enabled. If a survey is available, similarly as with the manager app, a banner at the top of the page will invite the user to participate.

Users without a personal dashboard enabled will be redirected to the survey page after logging in (we recommend non-managers to log in via magic link). When there is no unanswered survey from an open survey round, the survey page will tell them to wait for the next round.

Getting email or push notifications outside of the app

When clicking on a link in a Peakon email it will automatically send you to the app, if you have the app installed and the link refers to a feature available in the app. This could be to answer the survey, see a comment, etc.

You will be asked to allow the Peakon app to send you push notifications. If accepted, you will receive a push notification, when there is a new survey round ready to be answered or when there are new replies in conversations you have started. You can control specifically which push notifications to keep or turn off in the settings menu.


The app is fully accessible for users with visual impairment. It is also possible to use the native feature of your device to add or answer to comments through dictation.


The Peakon app for iOS will respect the device language configured globally in the device Settings app, as long as it is one of the languages supported natively by the app (see App Store for full list of supported languages). If the device is running iOS13 or later, the device language can be overridden for the Peakon app inside iOS System Settings.

If the current device language is not supported, the app will default to use English as the interface language. 

One exception to the above is the survey language. If a specific survey language has been configured by your company’s Peakon administrator, it will override the device language when answering the survey using the app, as opposed to using the device language. 


We’re also working on an Android version of the app, which is well underway, and will allow managers to access their team’s insights on the go – regardless of operating system. In the meantime, the dashboard is supported on all mobile browsers.

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